Sangaalo September Update

By Hope Grafted In


Sangaalo September Update

The latest news from Sangaalo…

Dear friends,

it is once again a great honor to greet you all and appreciate you for the part you are all playing to facilitate the work at Sangaalo. Without your hard work, determination and willingness to support, we would not do much. We say thank you so much and we pray that God Almighty keep rewarding you. abundantly God has indeed been faithful and glad to share with you not only achievements, but challenges as well as plans.


We all know that the whole world is battling with the COVID 19 pandemic, and Uganda is not exceptional. However, we have seen God’s protection here at Sangaalo. Much as we have tried to take precautionary measures, these would be for nothing if it is not God Himself. We keep praying that all our children and staff are protected Children are growing healthier, even those who were malnourished by the time we rescued them have regained and enjoy life together.


We are really thankful to God for the children who were recently rescued. Among the most recent rescues are the triplets whose father abandoned their mother in hospital. The mother is HIV positive, sickly and in a sorry financial state. The babies’ zero status is not yet established but are on medication. We pray that they will turn out negative.

Imagine these lives below would have been lost if it was not by God’s grace and your tireless support.


Much as there are praises, we are also facing challenges. One of the greatest challenges we are facing currently is water. Here at the Babies Home, we were depending on two sources of water; rain water and the water well. Our borehole down the school broke down but we were not so much affected since we had a solar power driven water pump from drilled water well. It was also raining so we could harvest rain water. However, this is not currently the situation. Our water pump broke down and the rain is not consistent. This is a real challenge. We pray that God provides so that we can get connected to the piped water from the National water. It is quite expensive to get connected because of the distance, but it is a better option while we wait for God’s provision to buy another water pump.

We also still face challenges of high cost of food and non-food items. This is still attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still spreading in Uganda. Cases are increasing day by day so other areas such as border points are still under lockdown.

Again grateful for all your continued support towards this just cause. We pray that God will continue rewarding you abundantly.

Bye for now and blessings,