Sangaalo May Update

By Hope Grafted In


Sangaalo May Update

The latest news from Sangaalo…

Dear friends, it is again a great honor to greet you all together with your precious family members. We really appreciate each one of you for whatever role you are playing to facilitate the work of Ministry we are doing at Sangaalo. It is only through a combined effort of all of you as stakeholders that we are able to do this noble task. We say thank you so much for the financial and spiritual support towards Sangaalo. We pray that God Almighty continues blessing you.

Generally, God has been and continues to be faithful. Here at Sangaalo, we are all doing quite well. Much as there have been some challenges, especially some minor illnesses such as cough and flu, God has taken us through and we are moving on. We successfully finished up the first quarter of 2021, and now in the April, the first month of the second quarter

Below are some of the praises we are thankful to God for.

We want to give thanks to God for you our dear funders for the financial support that has enabled us run the babies Home. Although there is a lot of needs here at Sangaalo that require money, feeding and medication are among the key priorities and indeed you have played a commendable role in making sure that children’s basic needs are met.

We are also thankful to God for the health. Even amidst the COVID 19 pandemic that hit the world now slightly over a year back, God has continued protecting us. We are indeed thankful to God that we have not had even a single case within the facility.

Another thing we want to thank God for is that we have received food aid from Feed the Hungry Africa/Feed My Starving Child. It has been a while since we last received this food aid, but thankful to God that we have received some little.

Children are happy and enjoying the company of home mothers. We thank God that the mothers are lovingly taking good care of them

Also we are continuing with the sustainability of the home in forms of food crop production as well as piggery ad dairy production. These have played a key role in supplementing our limited funding

Prayer items

Much as the transmission and death rates have significantly reduced in Uganda, we still face challenges of high cost of food and non-food items. We therefore pray that the situation will come to normal and that the prices will subsidize

We also pray for financial provisions because there is a lot to be done especially within this quarter. The projects are as mentioned below:

  • The certificate from the Ministry of Gender, the one that permits us to take care of these children needs to be renewed and this takes money
  • The wall fence fell down and this poses a very high danger to the children and staff. There was an incidence some time back before we fenced of the area, where a fox came in and attacked one of the builders who were working at the Babies Home. He was then rushed to the hospital, and thankful to God that he was treated and got well. We still have the same fear that anything can happen to our children and staff
  • Another prayer item is the financial provision for the renovation of the baby house. This include repainting, replacing window mesh as well as replacing solar batteries
  • We also want to work on the children’s waterborne toilet which is in a very sorry state. Health inspectors recommended that we work on all the renovations and replace whatever requires replacement, otherwise, they say they
  • will be forced to take an action. We therefore pray that God provides
  • While we need to work on renovations and replacing all that needs to be replaced, we also need to repaint the whole baby house, because we have never repainted since we came in, so indeed we need to repaint walls, doors and probably ceiling.
  • Also, we need to put back the railings on the front side of the baby house verandah, in order to protect children from falling off and eventually being injured. The metal ones that were there were worn out and even they had become more dangerous. We were therefore advised to use concrete ones.

Once again we give thanks to God for you, and we pray that God will continue using you to keep impacting lives. Bye for now and blessings.