Sangaalo 2019 Year End Update

By Hope Grafted In


Sangaalo 2019 Year End Update

The latest news from Sangaalo…

Our dear friends, it is again a great honor and privilege to greet you all and appreciate you for whatever role you are playing to facilitate the work we are doing at Sangaalo. It is only through a combined effort of all of you as stakeholders hat we are able to do this noble task. We say thank you so much and we pray that God Almighty continues blessing you.

As we come to the end of 2019, I am glad to share with you all that the Lord has done, but also to share some challenges so you know how you will continue praying

To begin with, God has been and continues to be faithful. Here at Sangaalo, we are all doing quite well. Much as there have been some challenges, God has taken us through and we are moving on. Children and staff are moving on and the children are growing faster, healthier and stronger. They enjoy playing together and also love helping with chores.

A bigger part of the year has been very busy. We have been working on a number of things ranging from paperwork to meetings by the Ministry of Gender plus our primary role of rescue and care, which also includes a lot. However, we are thankful to God that amidst the busy schedule, God has strengthened us to continue serving Him, and we have some praises as seen below.

We were able to save lives of precious babies that would otherwise not have made it to life. The latest life saved was that of baby Laney, who was abandoned in the Jungle. Laney was malnourished, but there is a great improvement.

We are also thankful to God for the food provision. Running a babies home and meeting all the needs for the babies is very expensive and we could not manage single handedly. But by God’s grace and your generosity, we have been able to press on. They have at least a balanced diet which is very rare in most average homes in Uganda.

Our certificate of operation had expired and we had to embark on the process of renewal. It was not an easy process because the Ministry of Gender, a line Ministry for children’s affairs together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs which issues NGO Permits have been very strict. However, we praise God that we have successfully renewed our operational permit.We have also continued doing home visits and providing food aid to the children in our family program.

We are so thankful to God for the Manna pack food donation. It has really created a great impact on the lives of children both at the Babies Home and those in the community. The impact has stretched even to the elderly who have equally benefited.
Our cow has delivered so the children are drinking milk daily, though not enough. It is our desire and prayer that we put more emphasis on dairy project so that we can produce enough milk for the children and even surplus for sale so that more other needs are met.
We are also thankful to God for the provision. With your support, we were able to purchase some dining furniture and still need to buy more.
Although a lot of rain is not sometimes good, especially when it consistently rains daily, on the other hand, we have had consistent supply of water for both home and farm use. Much as we have had some praises, challenges have not shied away.
  • Much as the general health situation of our children has been fairly well, there have been some health complications with a few.
  • Our newly rescued daughter has not fully recovered although there is a great improvement.
  • Limited space for farming
  • In the kitchen, the chimneys are broken and this leaves a lot of smoke inside the kitchen because it (smoke) has no passage. This in turn brings a health threats and also damages the iron sheets
  • Mowing the compound is expensive because we have to hire someone with the machine to do the work. And to make matters worse, it has been raining almost daily this year which makes it even more worse.
  • Limited funds against increasingly high commodity prices is another big challenge

Prospects for 2020

  • God willing and Finances allowing, we want to see the following accomplished:
  • We want to emphasize on the completion and furnishing of our school, putting emphasis on the Kindergarten. This is the only school in the area in a radius of about three Kilometers or more and it becomes so hard for a three or four year kid to trek that distance so having this school well-furnished in the area will be a big relief.
  • We would like to renovate the baby house
  • Replace the broken beds and furniture
  • Complete the kitchen building
  • Work on the laundry area and plumbing for the bathroom and toilet
Thank you for your support and love.
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