Sangaalo April Update

By Hope Grafted In


Sangaalo April Update

Greetings from Uganda in general and Sangaalo in particular. Although the situation world over is alarming due to the COVID 19 global pandemic, I pray that you are too safe and doing well. Here, amidst this challenge, we are moving on by God’s Grace.

The COVID 19 pandemic which has resulted into the president’s decision to announce a lock down and curfew, has really caused a wide range of challenges among which include extremely high cost of food and nonfoods items, difficulties in transportation in purchases of supplies, but also in cases of emergencies such as sickness.

Although the country is in lock down, yesterday we celebrated Easter, the first of it’s kind in the history of our times, because throughout Uganda, members were not allowed to congregate in large numbers so most members had services from home.

That aside, we are thankful to God for a number of reasons:

  • That again we were able to save lives of three more babies from Lugazi, Njeru and Buvuma respectively. These children are malnourished and we pray that they recover.

  • Children are growing and older children are showing love and care to the little ones, they like being around them, hugging them and so on.

  • God’s provision and protection

However, challenges have not shied away. Among the key challenges include:

  • As mentioned earlier, the lock down has come with a lot of challenges ranging from transport to exorbitantly high prices of food and nonfood items
  • We also lost a cow, which died after a short illness, in the event where the movement a lockdown, which became harder to access veterinary services. We pray that God will provide a replacement
  • The perimeter wall fell down, leaving a portion of the babies home open, posing a security threat to the children and staff especially during night.
  • Staff housing. We have not had to accommodate this until now with the lockdown where the President directed that Organization must provide accommodation to its staff for the fourteen days otherwise the operations must be suspended for the 14 days. This was a difficult moment for us as Sangaalo. We resorted to retaining only a few, which has also forced them to overwork hence resulting into inefficiency due to fatigue.
  • We still pray for several of projects that we earlier shared with you so that God will provide for the accomplishment.

We keep praying for God’s divine intervention. We are praying for the US, we are praying for Uganda, we are praying for the whole world that God will heal and deliver us of COVID 19 and other health complications

Bye for now and regards to all