Haven’s August Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven’s August Update


Greetings from Haven Family,

We salute you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, may peace and joy be multiplied to you all. We have continually made mention of you in our prayers that God may protect, provide and above all preserve you and your families during this season of Covid -19 Pandemic. May you become like a tree planted by the
many waters that in and out of season you may bear fruits. I am comforted in the word of God that says…“Say to the righteous it shall be well”. IT IS WELL.

Haven family is doing well and we are grateful for your continued support. It is through your giving that we are able to meet our daily needs.

A few months ago we requested for donation and with your giving we managed to install internet for online studies, bought a tent, chairs, seats, 8 Laptops and other related items. Our form four (high school final year) girls have been attending classes online and just did an online examination. In September, the rest of high school children will join an online class conducted by teachers all over the nation. These classes require every child to have their own laptops because assignments, tests and exams are conducted live and children cannot share because they have to log in using personal IDs. Standard (grade) five children also attended an online class since Luckys School was conducting one. The rest of the children also had time to research and learn from Google and YouTube teachers.

The government announced that they are counting this academic year lost and students will repeat the same class as they resume school next year on January. Covid-19 cases have been on the rise and it seems things may not normalize as we had expected. We understand that the whole world is facing the same crisis and people are facing financial strain. The cost of living has gone up, in our country things are getting tougher by the day.

Our ministry depends on your continued monthly donation and any Impact on our income downwards affects us a lot…….every coin matters! We have not yet been able to meet our monthly budget which has gone up due to having our children home throughout the day. The bills have increased and the food budget has also increased. We have 47 people in our premise; this number has increased because all our staff and their children stay with us.

Some of our children had fallen sick but they received treatment and medications. It is a very cold season in Kenya and we have had children down with flue, colds, skin rashes etc. Fortunately we have a Chemist that we pick medication on credit and pay later. The debt has accrued to Kshs 32,000($320), which has surpassed our maximum credit. Beatrice had an ear infection which made her visit the doctor for eight days daily. She has recovered and the infection is gone.

We thank God that He has kept us and watched over our children. Many girls in Kenya, according to the latest national report, are pregnant-even as young as ten year olds. For those who have visited us, know that our place is a bit crowded in terms of rooms. This is a bit scary when you think of teenagers but we are grateful that we have not had any incidents with our children. Please continue praying with us for their purity as we teach them what God’s design and plan is for them. It is our prayer that we get to buy and build on our own land, premises that are favorable for our ministry. We will be launching our website soon and we are looking for men and women to partner with haven in fulfilling our vision of meeting this need. We are hoping to have partners who can commit to a monthly donation towards this need. Please pray about it and purpose to be part of the fulfillment of this need.

Please follow our Facebook page for updates on arising needs and Progress. We appreciate you and thank you for trusting us with your finances. We promise to efficient in our spending and to ensure every coin is spent for the right need.

Stay safe stay blessed!

We love you,

Haven Family