Haven 2019 Year End Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven 2019 Year End Update

2019 Year in review from Haven…

Happy New Year!

Greetings, from Haven Family! It is with so much joy and peace that we write to you of our accomplishments in the year 2019 and our projected plans for the year 2020. First and foremost we take this opportunity to thank you for your ever failing support that you have accorded us throughout the year 2019, we are eternally grateful and look forward to an even better and close partnership in the future.

2019 has come to an end and we have ushered in a new year with so much expectations and plans to take us to the next level. It is our hope and prayer that you will be part of the realization of our objectives. 2019 was our tenth year anniversary and we hoped to finish the year in our own land/premise; we started a fundraising online which did not turn out as we expected and we only raised $150 but we have not lost hope and our dream is still valid. We request you all to campaign/fundraise for us to reach our targeted amount which is $200,000. This amount will ensure we have enough land to build on and utilize for the fulfillment of our objectives. Land is one of the greatest resources in the cause we are involved in, with land a lot can be done to ensure the ministry remains a going concern. This need remains our first priority for the year. We can reach this goal by bringing people on board to give whatever amount and by the end we will hit our mark!

High School Admissions

2019 began with a lot of joy, we had five children who did their final primary school exam and passed very well. This came also with a huge burden of school fees and related shopping meant to enable them join high schools. You came together when we called upon you to help us meet these needs and you did it overwhelmingly. Now, our children are in their second year in high school (form two).

After a month we went back for form one parent orientation day and what we found out in one of the school broke our hearts. One of our boys was bullied and beaten up by senior boys in the school to a point where he could not even express himself without trembling. We could not bear to see a child we have rescued and in the process of healing go through the same ordeal of mistreatment and rejection. We acted immediately and pulled him out of the school and started searching for admission in a more friendly school environment. By the grace of God we secured a place in one of the high schools we had taken one of the five. The boy is doing well and very happy and expresses himself quit well. We are grateful for all those who supported us financially and in prayers, it was an urgent situation and you stood in the gap for us.

We also had a candidate, Peter Miles, who sat for his final primary school exam and scored very well and got admitted into one of best performing national high school. Thank you all for ensuring he got all he needed taken care of and now he can study assured all is well.


We were also fortunate to have some of our children sponsors visit us, this is one of the most anticipated time by the children. Meeting their sponsors is not an ordinary occurrence rather a unique one and the most treasured. The children talk about you a lot and wish we could spend more time with you. Hannah, one of our treasured friends came twice to visit haven family and she can attest to the feeling of the children when they get a visit from their sponsors. We are grateful to those who came and we pray that those who couldn’t will be able to come in the future. We know it takes a lot of sacrifice to come and we value those moments a lot!

Loss of a sibling

Mary is one of our older girls and she lost her only sibling (brother). This was a hard time for us since we have never had a child in our haven Family who has a relative go through this. Since she was in school (boarding) we had to travel to her school and inform her in case of any breakdown we were there for her. We were able to travel to her parents place and spend time with her during the burial. She has recovered and moved passed the loss.

Rent Increment

In April 2019 we received news that our landlord had sold part of his land and we were to start paying rent to two people since the house we live in is in between the land. This also attracted an increment in rent of 40% which took much of our monthly support. We came together to try and find a solution and finally decided to fundraise to buy our own place as a permanent solution since this was our fourth place to move into due to rent increment. The increment has affected our budget and also at the same time our monthly donation has been decreasing leading to a very tough time for us but all in all the year has ended and we look forward to a more prosperous year. Our plan to buy land still remains and is our first prioritized objective for the year!

Child 254 Initiative

This is an outreach activity we started geared towards teaching our children and our community on giving and caring for your neighbor. In our Haven family we have always received donations and we felt it is also important for our hildren to go out and give not because we have much but because we are loved and ought to share the same love with others. This is not only for our children but for all those who will be willing to give and allow their children to ccompany us in our initiative. The children themselves prepare food and sort out items to be shared. We started in November where we fed 150 children from the slum and donated clothes. We also went out again in December and hared what we had with more than 400 children in one of the nearby slum and donated clothes, sanitary pads e.t.c. We plan to continue and establish this in our haven family. Giving is a way of life but, most are the times we are taught to give out of abundance, we want people to know giving is not about how much you have or can give but rather how much love you put into giving.

2020 Prioritized Needs

As we have indicated above, our key need is buying Land and building for our Children this does not rule out other current and recurrent needs a long the year.


Last year our income/donations decreased, it is our prayer that this year we can surpass our budget. Attached is our Budget for the year 2020. We encourage people to partner with us and commit to supporting the home monthly. We alue your support and it goes a long way in ensuring day to day activities and needs are catered for. It is on this note that I want to kindly request all of you that in case of anyone who wishes to terminate their sponsorship kindly give us a two months’ notice so that we can adjust our budgeting. In the past due to termination without notice we have had to bear a lot of struggle just to ensure the children still enjoy a good environment in terms of food, clothing, shelter and education.

Van inspection, insurance and overhaul servicing

Our van is our main mode of transport. We use it to take children to school, hospitals, shopping etc. It is now five years since we bought the van. It needs an overhaul servicing since some parts are worn out and the paint has faded off.

We have other needs and will be communicated in due time!

Directors Message….

I salute you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. First, I take this opportunity to thank God for enabling us to be alive today and more so this year 2020, It is by the grace of God and His mercies that we have this opportunity to serve Him by serving people. Secondly, I am eternally grateful for your continued support in kind, prayer, funds, advice and above all your love towards us. We pray that our relationship will grow stronger by day and bring with it peace and love. What you do for us cannot be comprehended and it is only God who can reward you. I can’t wait to see how our children will turn out when they become adults. You are part and parcel of their success by helping lay the foundations of these children’s lives, I only urge you all to keep on supporting us in whichever way God helps you to. We are praying for you and your family. I appreciate you all.

We wish all of you a prosperous year and may you find favor in all your endeavors!


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