Year End Giving

By Hope Grafted In


Year End Giving

​At this time of year many people do something in the charitable world we call Year End Giving. 30-40% of all individual donations will take place in the month of December. Regardless of the many reasons and opinions that exist on this, it is a trend that continues each year.

Year end giving is something that charities around the country depend on, and Hope Grafted In is no different. ALL giving makes a difference. What is important to our Savior is the heart of the giver as the gift is offered.

One thing I love about the Hope Grafted In community is that our ministry’s giving trends don’t follow the statistics. That makes me smile. You give generously at all times because you love and serve HIM. I pray your counter-cultural trend can infiltrate our communities and bring change.

Hope Grafted In would love to see these given in God’s timing. Will you pray with us for these things?

  • Haven of Hope School debt $4400
  • Haven of Hope Matatu campaign $5500 remains of $13500
  • Ebenezer shoe campaign $5000 remains of $5400
  • Sangaalo land for a farm for David and Damalie near new ministry site. $3500
  • Ebenezer family homes on their new land. Two needed to move ministry to new site. $12,000 each home.
  • Adoption grant $1000

Let’s give Jesus and others our best always.

stats from Charity Navigator