Why Were You Chosen?

By Rachel Dafforn


Why Were You Chosen?

Guest Post From Laura-Valentine,

It was on my first missions trip to Uganda when I encountered the cold reality of child abandonment. There, among the orphans, I saw first hand the cruel existence facing children left without a home, without a family, without a future. Like the lone survivor of a plane crash, I wrestled internally with the inevitable questions, Why Me? Why am I so important that I was chosen – and they weren’t?

I had always known that I too was once abandoned. But unlike those Ugandan orphans, a loving adoptive family swept me away at just three months old to a new life in America. All I have ever known is a home full of incredible support and opportunities. This trip changed everything. Worlds were colliding.

And then the answer slowly came. My heart started to soar.

THIS is why I was chosen…to help Him save other abandoned children through Laura-Valentine Ministries. You don’t have to be adopted to be chosen. God chooses all of us to help fulfill His plan on the earth. The question is do you know why you’ve been chosen and are you walking in His perfect plan for your life today?