Visiting Uganda and Kenya

By Hope Grafted In


Visiting Uganda and Kenya

Thoughts from a past trip member…

If I condense my thoughts about Child Sponsorship and travelling to spend time with them and those who care for them, I would use the phrase “GOD Thing”. It’s so amazing to just surrender and let GOD do His thing. HE never fails. The blessing of visiting Orphans and those who care for them is incredible beyond description. It’s something that must be experienced to know the full impact, words can’t convey the total meaning. When you visit, there is a call in your heart to return. These people become close friends that you will pray for daily even though they are thousands of miles away. GOD will do something in your heart that only HE can do.

A key to all of this is found in the life and teaching of JESUS. His life of surrender to the FATHER’s will and His humble servant heart are the example we must follow. HE calls us to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our FATHER in heaven. It isn’t to bring attention to me, it’s for HIM. It was pure servant joy to be able to wash the feet of the Orphans at Ebenezer on one visit we had after Pastor George gave the Orphans a devotional using the example of JESUS washing of the disciples feet. Follow GOD’s call on your heart and go to visit.

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