The Importance of Development

By Rachel Dafforn


The Importance of Development

There are over 200 million children under the age of 5 in low and middle-income countries that will fail to reach their full potential development due to various risk factors. These factors can include but are not limited to; malnutrition, infection, especially with HIV, poverty, neglect, insufficient care and learning opportunities, high stress levels, as well as risks that are related to a range of emergencies. There are so many opportunities for negative affects to children that it is our job to do what we can to support their development.

Sponsoring children, donating money, traveling as a part of a missions trip, and praying for these children are all types of support that HGI takes part in. Know that by donating or supporting these children, you are helping them in insurmountable ways! We are helping to improve their health, their learning environment, and also their emotional health which can make a huge difference. If you do not currently take part in supporting any of the children from our three locations in Uganda or Kenya, now is the time! There are so many ways to be involved through HGI. I urge you to explore our website and check out our Facebook page to learn more about HGI Ministries and make this Christmas season a GIVING season for you and your family!

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