The Definition of Adoption

By Rachel Dafforn


The Definition of Adoption

​Adopt: (ə-dŏpt′)

a-dop-ted, a-dop-ting, a-dopts

1. To take on the legal responsibilities as parent of (a child that is not one’s biological child).

Yes, adoptive parents and our Father do take on responsibility of children in need. He takes them on as earthly children and loves them as His own son.

2. To become the owner or caretaker of

Correct, God does own us. As Christians, He owns our hearts as well as children’s hearts around the world and cares for us in a way that is different than any other.


a. To take and follow (a course of action, for example) by choice or assent:

b. To take up and make one’s own:

Ding Ding Ding! In Adoption, we take those we love and care for and have them follow us in the same manner that Jesus said, “Come. Follow me. I will make you fishers of people.” - Mark 1:17

People and families as adoptive Christians, take children that were once lost and make them their own.

4. To move to or resettle in (a place).

Adoption absolutely involves moving and resettling in a new place, sometimes half way around the world. But not only do they make a literal move, they also make an emotional move, into the hearts of the family they are now a part of. A child that moves into an adoptive family’s home, actually moves closer to their hearts.

The dictionary is always taken literally. But if you look for the true meaning behind the words, you’ll see that the definitions are more than black and white print on paper. They carry truth, and in God’s eyes, that is what matters most.