The D Family

By Rachel Dafforn


The D Family

For this wonderful couple, adoption was discussed as a future calling ever before they were married. They also knew they wanted to have any biological children before they adopted. Seven years after getting married, they are the parents of three beautiful girls 6, 4, and 2. They recently felt that God was telling them to adopt. With financial matters as a main concern, their plan was to finish paying off debt and start saving for adoption expenses. However, God had other plans.

They put their trust in Him and filled out the Children’s Hope International application to begin the process. The next day, they received a call offering a large discount on a medical bill that a check had already been filled out for. This discount covered the application fee. The D family felt that this was a confirmation that they were following His plan. A few months later, they have now been matched with a little boy from China’s waiting list. Their family is anxiously waiting. They have submitted their dossier to China and are expecting to hear something late January or February. Travels could be happening some time in March or April.

This adoption grant will help relieve some of the financial stress that they will endure through the adoption process. The D family says “He’s not the little boy we are adopting, he is our son that is away from us for now and we can’t wait for him to come home.” Join HGI in supporting the D family by lifting them up in your prayers as they continue their adoption process and anxiously await their time to bring their son home.