Sponsor and Pray for a Day!

By Hope Grafted In


Sponsor and Pray for a Day!

As most of you know, Zach Wall is on his way home from Uganda without their son, who they have legal guardianship of. Their son’s visa was “delayed approval” due to ridiculous circumstances that we can’t even wrap our heads around, so we will spare you the confusion! Their case is en route to USCIS headquarters in Rome. There, it will be looked at by a team of US immigration officials that will decide what they need in order to approve the visa. USCIS in Rome has 45 days to make a decision. Once a decision has been made, Brooke will hopefully be flying back to Uganda to get their son’s visa and hightail it out of there. During this waiting time, their son will be in “foster care” with people that they and we love dearly.

This delay comes with steep costs of additional flights, foster care, and lawyer fees

So here’s the deal:

The Wall family would like to provide the “foster care” family with approximately $15/day for their son to be provided with clean water and 3 HEALTHY meals per day. Our goal is to have 60 days of his physical needs covered, as they know emotionally and spiritually he will be delighted over!

We would love to lessen the burden of the Wall’s adoption and have people “SPONSOR AND PRAY” for a day. Email us if you’d like to sponsor their son for a day, two, three, a week, or a month! We will sort out the days and assign you to a day(s) to specifically cover “M” and the Wall Family in prayer!

Here are the ways you can donate:

Thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Jesus during this difficult time away from their son!