Shiloh Horizon’s Fall Update

By Hope Grafted In


Merry Christmas and Happy new year our beloved friends from Shiloh Horizons.

I hope you’re good and flourishing in Gods blessings, grace and favor always.

Thank you always for your support in all areas and your generous hearts are appreciated and forever noticed. Am humbled.

The year has been good though with a few challenges as life as them here and there.

The children are okay and growing up, they are doing well in schools. Its a joy for us to be apart of their lives through the early years until now, I can’t believe some of them will be teens soon, its so exciting.

It has been a year of learning from God for me and having ample time with Him. We have visited the maternity and children’s wards and gave them birthing kits and also a meal for them and the children, everyone is always blessed when that happens.

The teen mothers and vulnerable mother’s also have their life challenges and we have reached out to them, through antenatal to birth and then skill training so they can eventually be able to support themselves.

So many babies have had a chance of growing up with their mothers, those that would have been abandoned have been able to remain with their mamas.

We are praying for a skill training center for them and also a small home unit for the children that have not adjusted in the families well and need to be cared for by us for a time before returning back home.

Please continue praying for us and together we can restore hope and joy.

Love you all in Christ and be blessed always.


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