Sangaalo March Update

By Hope Grafted In


Sangaalo March Update

We are doing well here at Sangaalo. The babies are growing more every day.

We have a new little one. We have given him the name Arthur. Please keep him in your prayers. He is 2 years old and can’t yet walk.

These are the projects that Sangaalo is working toward in 2020…

  • $7775 Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation The estimate total for the renovation, kitchen, bathroom, collapsed, compound and all that has to do with building is together, most of the work is here and there and because most of the materials are the same and will be purchased together. The total for this is
  • $9720 School Completion. We want to emphasize on the completion and furnishing of our school, putting emphasis on the Kindergarten. This is the only school in the area in a radius of about three Kilometers or more and it becomes so hard for a three or four year kid to trek that distance so having this school well-furnished in the area will be a big relief.Completing the two classrooms estimate which totals to
  • $2166 Furniture Replace furniture and some beds estimate.
  • $2082 Wall Repair Fix the collapsed side of the perimeter wall
  • $500 Chickens I would also like to again have a serious poultry project for self sustainability. This helps a lot as financially we are behind. 500 birds to begin with and need help with that for the first six months, by this time they will start laying eggs.
  • $1110 Dairy cow, the one we have now is grown old and is producing less milk
  • $450/month Young Moms Group And also would like to have at least 15 young mothers who are vulnerable to be able to have the training in different skills. By that they will be able to take care of themselves and their children They have been apart of us. The training is one year and each month is 108000 ug for each girl.