MicroStory: Meet Zainah

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet Zainah

Meet another one of our families in our Family Sponsorship program at Ebenezer Nursery and Primary School in Kibuku, Uganda.

The father of this family, Musa Jumbo, is married to two wives, Rehema and Farida. Musa depends on farming a small piece of land for survival. His family is living in such poor condition that Musa has failed to seek better medical services for his daughter, Farida, who is sickly. Although Musa desires to have a great future to his children, he is still struggling.

Altogether, Musa has 5 school-going children although some children do not attend Ebenezer’s school. They are pictured right to left below: Farida in primary six, Mwima in primary two, Hussein in baby, Zaituna in primary four, and Zainah in primary three. Farida and Hussein recently gained a sponsor! However, Zainah is currently in need of a sponsor.

If you are interested in partnering with a family to provide an education for their child, please contact Courtney. The monthly cost for student sponsorship is $12/month