MicroStory: Meet Pastor George

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet Pastor George

HGI has always been about supporting our friends in Uganda and Kenya. That is how God started this ministry. By bringing together Christ-followers from across the globe in friendship that we may support each other.

George has been a friend for several years and many of you know him as the Director of Ebenezer Children’s Ministry where many of you sponsor children. Pastor George is an indigenous missionary. An indigenous missionary is one who seeks to take the gospel to his or her own people group.

Pastor George, his wife Sylvia, daugther Leslie, and son Gibson

Pastor George and his wife Sylvia serve the Lord in Kibuku, Uganda. They were called to this remote area of Uganda several years ago and this led to the beginning of their ministry in 2012. You can read more about George’s testimony here in his own words.George and Sylvia’s ministry currently encompasses:

  • Ebenezer Children’s Home
  • Ebenezer Nursery and Primary School
  • Suubi Center for Women
  • Ebenezer Christian Center Church

While all of these things are surely taking the gospel to their people group, we want to tell you more about the church. The direct gospel-preaching and teaching that Pastor George is doing.

Pastor George is supported by HGI as a missionary. He is able to provide for his family through a humble monthly salary from our indigenous missionary fund. Time that he once spent doing odd jobs to make money for his family, he is able to spend serving Christ and following his calling to be a shepherd to the people of Kibuku. This led to the beginning of his church, Ebenezer Christian Center, in March 2015.

You can follow Ebenezer Christian Center on Facebook and keep up with all God is doing in and through the people in Kibuku.

Most recently they hosted an all night prayer service where George retells for us what God did…

God did us well, all the school ground was full of people. Many people including children came to this night of prayer. Together we had about 700 people from different parts of our community. The revival started from 7 pm Friday to 6 am Saturday. During the deliverance service at 3am that my friend Pastor Burhan conducted we had prayer over people and setting them free from bondages. Some people came and were demon possessed, some were sick, so they were set free. Many came to Christ and 2 of the new believers joined us for church on Sunday.

We are able to support indigenous missionaries because of your generous financial support. YOU are able to support a missionary monthly or give a one time gift to that fund. Contact us for more questions or give here!

Look for more stories from George and Sylvia, HGI indigenous missionaries, bringing the gospel to their people group in Kibuku, Uganda!