MicroStory: Meet our friend Dama

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet our friend Dama

I first met Dama when my dear friend Nellie introduced us 2 years ago. When our teams go to visit Haven of Hope in Kenya, we stay with Dama and her sister Dorcas. They are gracious hosts and it has been a blessing for our trip members to get to know them.

As God often does when we are open to Him, He began a friendship between Dama and I. Thanks to WhatsApp, we chat and talk about our kids, what we are studying in the Bible, how our days are going, how to make her yummy chapati. (Talking about this isn’t helping, I still can’t make it.) In these conversations I have come to learn that Dama loves Jesus and spends WAY more time than me in church, revivals, and bible studies becoming a disciple of Christ. I was talking with her just the other day and she had been at church with her daughter all day being taught by a guest speaker from England. ALL DAY with a 9 month old!

The more I get to know Dama, the more I respect her and am honored to be her friend. As she shared her dream for her business, to expand her shop and provide for her family, I knew God was asking Hope Grafted In to be a part of her journey.

Dama is HGI’s first microloan recipient. She is using her loan to expand her shop. Currently she sells clothing, but would like to expand her business to one day sell household goods and other items. Will you pray with us that God provides for her dream.

She wanted to share her story with you in the hopes it would bring blessings to others, so let me introduce you to my sweet friend and sister in Christ…

Hey there I am Damaris. I am a single parent struggling very hard to make the ends meet. I live in Nakuru, Kenya with my daughter, Tamara. I have a small stall that I display clothes at. Thank you for providing the funding for me to expand this shop. This is a big help up to me as I work to provide for my family. I am working to repay my loan to Hope Grafted In by October so that you may use those funds to help other women and men as well. God bless you all. Thank you.

To give toward our microloan program so that Dama and others can be encouraged in their businesses, visit our GIVE link or contact us for more questions.