MicroStory: Meet Harrison

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet Harrison

Meet our friend Harrison. Today is Harrison’s 11th birthday and he lives at Haven of Hope. This year he participated in our Hope Training.

He wanted to share his dream for his life someday that brings him joy…“to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world”.

LOVE! Isn’t he a gifted artist!? He drew this on a hankie!

Our time with Harrison during HOPE training was—there are no words. The pain, release, and step of healing that God brought as Harrison drew about his dark painful moments. Then he wanted to share that pain with me (huge honor) and a few of his friends and then he put Jesus (the heart) in the center of that pain.

And he went on to share his dreams for his life, this picture he wanted me to share with you. He put Jesus in the center of his dream to preach the gospel to the world someday.

Forget someday, Harrison, you are preaching the gospel of Jesus now and your story brings HIM so much glory.