MicroStory: Meet Daniel

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet Daniel

Daniel has been a friend and partner in ministry since our very first trip to Africa in 2011. Daniel is our loyal driver when we travel in Kenya. But he is so much more than a driver. We have had the honor of watching God work in Daniel’s life over the years and see the story God is writing across his life

Daniel is kind, funny and gracious.

Daniel has had many struggles in his life and continues to struggle each day for things that many of us take for granted. He grew up in the largest slum in Kenya, one of the largest in the world, Kibera. His story could be a best seller. Someday, God-willing, he will tell it. He is a wonderful single father and one of the hardest workers I have ever known.
On our trips, he is in the back of each church service we attend worshipping with us, in the center of our time serving, and behind the camera of many pictures we have as the team photographer. Daniel is family.
Hope Grafted In was able to be a small part of bringing one of Daniel’s dreams to life on our trip this month. Daniel is now a business owner. Here is Daniel (pictured with his son Paul) and his very own car!
Please join us in continuing to pray for Daniel as he follows Jesus with his life.