MicroStory: Meet Alice

By Hope Grafted In


MicroStory: Meet Alice

Meet one of our students in our Family Sponsorship program at Ebenezer Nursery and Primary School in Kibuku, Uganda.

Alice, a primary three student, lives with her 28-year old mother, Kotei, and her 40-year old father, Robert. She is the second born of their five children. However, since her father is a polygamist, he has three wives, and in total, thirteen children. Kotei and her family attend church at Ebenezer Christian Center.

Here is Alice at her home with her family. She is in the dress holding the little baby. The lady kneeling is Alice’s mom and the one standing is her paternal grandmother.

In this family, it is the wives’ responsibility to pay their children’s school tuition. These mothers totally depend on cultivating people’s land to earn a living. Although they work hard to see that their children attend school and have a good education, their low income has not allowed their children to receive continuous education. Many times, lack of tuition fees or scholastic materials have prevented them from attending school. Nine of the children are currently attending school, while four are not.

Alice has been sponsored by Christine Goodrich since January 2015. Christine has been to visit Alice in Uganda several times. Sponsorship matters to both the sponsor and the sponsored!

One of Alice’s sisters, Brenda, is also in our Student Sponsorship program and in need of a sponsor.

If you are interested in partnering with a family to provide an education for their child, please contact Courtney. The monthly cost for student sponsorship is $12/month.