Laura-Valentine Campaign Update

By Rachel Dafforn


As we posted about a while back, Laura-Valentine Ministries was running an adoption campaign for a family in need of funds for adoption. Many families entered but only one was chosen as the winner of the sweepstakes. Winning a campaign such as this to fulfill a life long dream that glorifies The Lord is nothing short of a blessing. Check out the Terry’s and read their story of adoption and how this $20,000 donation will change their lives forever (and for the better).

Laura-Valentine Campaign Winner

We can continue to play a small role in this campaign by praying for this family throughout their adoption journey! As much as we can praise our Father for this blessing that the Terry’s received, we can ask Him to lead their hearts in the right direction and smooth their road on this path to a new stage of life.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me”

- Matthew 18:5