Laura Valentine Campaign

By Hope Grafted In


Laura Valentine Campaign

This month begins our three month partnership with the Laura-Valentine Campaign. Orphan Sunday is November 2nd and we are helping Laura-Valentine by raising awareness to her ministry and current Campaign up until then. She will be giving away $20,000 towards the winner’s adoption expenses!! As we know, adoption can be very expensive and this is our small but powerful way of helping raise awareness alongside her work.

We urge you to explore LV’s website and read her journey and experiences with her adoption ministry. Her story is extremely powerful and full of truth, knowledge, and love for the world of adoption. She, herself was adopted as a child after being abandoned by her birth mother in China which later in life became even more relevant as to why this is the path that has been chosen for her. This ministry began in 2012 and to this day, LV has raised tens of thousands of dollars towards adoption. She speaks, performs, and has products for sale to help raise money for her own and partnering programs.

Three months may seem like a short amount of time but the impact that our support and donations can make will last a lifetime. Her story and passion for her work is touching not only to readers but to children across the world that have made their way to a loving home due to her giving. Stay tuned for future posts about the Laura-Valentine Campaign and personal writing from LV, herself.

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