HOPE training

HOPE training

We are ecstatic to announce our HOPE training. The main focus of this training is to bring hope and healing through small group therapy to the vulnerable children we serve. This training will be implemented by our US teams as we visit in Uganda and Kenya at our partner ministries each year.

Our first HOPE training will take place this summer during our trip to Haven of Hope and Ebenezer and we want ALL of you to be a part! You can speak up in one or all of the following ways:

You can pray. Pray as we finish up the writing of this curriculum that it continues to be God-led. Pray for the children that will experience HOPE training that God will use it to bring healing to their souls and that they will come to know their Redeemer more closely.

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You can personally encourage the children during their training by sending a photo. Words of encouragement speak life into all of us and as we give your photo to a child at a pivotal point in their training, your words will bring healing.

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You can sponsor a child’s training. HOPE training is approximately $15 for each child and includes: gospel-centered art therapy for vulnerable children, small group accountability, a HOPE t-shirt, feet cleansing, and peer mentoring.

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We look forward to sharing with you as we implement this HOPE training in the coming months. If you want more info on this, email us!