Haven’s Fall Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven’s Fall Update

Greetings from Haven Family,

It has been quite a while since we last wrote a progress report due to the so many social media sites where we update the majority of our projects and progress. We apologize
and recognize that indeed some of us are not on these platforms and a newsletter from time to time will help keep you up to date with the progress of the ministry.

We take this earliest opportunity to pass our gratitude and appreciation to all of you for your continued commitment and support both financially and in kind. The Haven Family
is built on three pillars and one that unites us all, that is You - our donors and sponsors, the staff on the ground and the children we so dearly care for and most importantly God who is love. The cohesiveness and coexistence between us ensures that Haven Family continues to realize its objectives as we pursue our Vision of creating a better world as we invest in lives.

Cost of living has become so high not only in Kenya but in most places in the world. This situation has left many people living from hand to mouth. In Kenya, the cost of living has more than doubled. Food prices have skyrocketed and we are currently facing drought. After our Elections, the cost of food stuff and other necessities have continued to rise. For Instance, the cost of maize flour rose from 45 shillings a kilogram to more than 100shillings; the price of cooking oil increased from 300shiling per 3kgs to 900 shillings. These are just a few examples of the rising cost of food stuff. Despite this increase our income has remained the same. In the recent months we have written and posted on our Facebook page and on Hopegraftedin Page about our needs requesting people to give towards the purchase of food stuff and other basic needs. This request and appeal will continue till we are able to meet our food budget. In Haven Family, even the slightest increase of any basic commodity has a significant impact on our food budget. Feeding more than forty people in this economy is not easy and requires concerted effort from us to ensure we continue to invest in quality lives for our children.

Kindly any help on this is graciously welcomed!

Mid this year we admitted two girls into our home by the name Paris and Eden, they are sisters and share the same mother though we are not sure of the Father. The mother has
been married four times since they were born and they got to know of the “father” last year after the current man the mother is married to threw them out. The teachers from their previous school told us that they have had similar problems since they joined the school more than seven years ago from different fathers/men.

Eden is in class eight and sitting for her final primary school exam in late November. We are hoping she will get to join a decent high school come January 2023. The sister,
Paris, is in grade five. They have embraced their new environment and we have also received positive feedback from school. We are looking forward to having them sponsored so that we can be able to cater for their needs adequately. Also coming up is the graduation of Elias Michael from nursery to lower primary (Grade one).

Our college students are also doing their exams and are doing quite well. This year we have five high school students sitting for their O’ level final exam from November 2nd to December 23rd. We kindly ask that you join in praying for them as they prepare for this defining exam. As it is our practice, after a child sits for their O’level the next stop is to a bible training center for three months where they are taken through some very crucial lessons from a biblical perspective. They are taken through forgiveness, overcoming rejection, leadership, submission, prayer and so on to prepare them for life as an adult.

We have also faced various indiscipline cases at home and also in school with our teenagers. Haven being a place where we cater for so many children of different ages, discipline becomes a key component in ensuring that we raise responsible citizens. This year we have had to apply strict measures to curb indiscipline and unfortunately some of these measures led to us exercising our exit strategy policy for one of our boys. He was caught severally sneaking out of school to smuggle in illegal substances and was suspended as a warning and went through four counselling sessions after which he was admitted back in school. A month later he was caught in the same situation and was dismissed from the school. Now he resides with his uncle and we got him a school so he could finish his O’level.

Upcoming Needs

  • After the O’level exams our students will join the bible training Centre in January. The fees if the current status prevails will be 27,000shillings ($225) per student. We have 5 of them so we will need 135,000 shillings ($1,125).
  • School uniform for all 30 children which will cost approximately Kshs 12,000($100) per child and a total of Kshs 360,000 ($3,000).
  • Edan form one shopping Kshs 50,000 ($416).
  • We want to take all 9 of our children who are in college for basic driving classes which will cost Kshs 15,000 ($125) per child, totaling to Kshs 135,000 ($1,125).

The first three needs are more prioritized since we have to meet them before January, that is, a total of Kshs 545,000 ($4,542).

We kindly request that you join us in this cause as we do our best in providing a conducive environment for these children, an environment that will encourage growth, development and creativity in all spheres of their lives.

Indeed, this is a great task and it calls for commitment and sacrifice. We cannot repay your kindness not even after many years but Our God is able to reward any good deed
that stems out of sincere love. May you be blessed even as you plan to give, to share with your friends and colleagues of this noble cause.

Kind Regards,

Haven Family.

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