Haven October Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven October Update

In the month of August, the directors of Haven Family were blessed with twins(Two Girls). We want to pass our gratitude to all who supported us in prayer, in-kind, and financially. The journey of raising twins came with its own challenges but we are grateful that God in His own way has provided for their every need. A few days ago they got a flu but they are recovering well. They have added weight so fast and we have now started them on supplement (baby formula) since they were not getting full with breast milk only. All in All, we thank God for His constant supply through men and women that have heeded His call.

Haven Family Progress

We continually give thanks to God and pray for you that God continues to cause all of you to see good in the land of the living. You are the pillars that hold the vision of Haven intact. With your support, we are able to meet our day-to-day needs and ensure our children continue to enjoy a quality life.

We understand these are tough times due to the covid-19 pandemic and every help comes as a huge sacrifice. Our budget has increased, this is due to the tough economic times. Food prices have skyrocketed and fuel is at unprecedented prices. Since we have not even met our targeted budget now it is even harder due to the increase of the cost of living. We can not afford the children a balanced diet, these are indeed tough times.

The staffs salaries have remained constant and we know that they are facing the same conditions we are facing. Most of our staff are single mothers and the allowance of 80 dollars a month is not able to cater for their upkeep. However, we are very fortunate that they still work with the same energy, commitment and passion despite the low financial consideration.

School Progress

Our children have closed school for a 10 days holiday and will go back to school on 11th of October for their second term. The academic year has very few days for a school break hence it is an academic marathon for the kids to try and recover the year they lost (2020). Our form ones joined high school and they transitioned well. Diana has topped in her class having emerged the number one out of more than 350 students. The bible school students joined as
well and they are going on well. They are day scholars so we cater for their transport everyday. Our van is not able to accommodate all the children. We are hoping to start a fundraising to buy a much bigger van that can accommodate all of them. Please join us in meeting this need.

In march 2022 we will have five candidates in class eight sitting for their final primary school Exam. In November 2022 we will have Peninah doing the same and also five children will sit for their high school final year exam.

This means we will have quite a number of children turning eighteen and will no longer be considered as children. The department of children services has given a leeway for them to continue being taken care of until they are through with their studies but with a caveat that they be living in a separate room or dorm. Given our status at the moment this is impossible for us to comply with due to our limited space.

Hence, the reason we appeal for your support to help us fulfill our long term goal of acquiring our own land and build according to the needs of the ministry.

Health Progress

In the recent months, we have had a share of challenges in terms of health. Our children have been getting sick now and then especially from some severe flu. in many occasions, we have had to take a group of children to the
hospital. The symptoms they had were almost the same as those of covid-19 patients. This was very frightening but we thank God that so far no one has tested positive. Diana and Naomi had some eye problems and they now have

Current Needs

Currently we cannot meet our budget, this is our greatest need. if we can at least be able to cater for a balanced diet and meet our monthly obligations we will have elevated the challenging conditions at the home.

Our greatest need still remains securing land and building a premise that meets our objectives and demands.

We are forever grateful for your continued support and remain faithful to the call to serve children. We do our best to be efficient, effective and prudent with every support we get

God bless you all.