Haven November Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven November Update

The latest news from Haven of Hope…

Hallo Family and Friends,

I salute you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and I pray all is well with you and your families. It has been awhile since we last communicated to you on the progress of our ministry. We have had a very tough time the last couple of months but God has been gracious to us through those times.

Frst and foremost we appreciate all of you who have given time, money, prayer and in kind towards the wellbeing of our children and towards sustaining the ministry. We pray daily that God will continuously honor your giving and sacrifices as they become a voice in your favor in the courts of heaven for you and your generations.


All our children are home now for a long holiday. This holiday takes a whole two months. You can imagine having thirty nine children with you for that long. This calls for more activities that can help nurture their gifts and talents. We ave children who have shown interest in different areas. We have children interested in soccer, drumming, singing, cooking, electrical, vehicle mechanics, hair plating, and knitting e.t.c. We thought it would be of great help to start investing on his talents and gifts. We posted this on Facebook and some people have already started giving towards the fulfillment of this idea. With a gift of 30,000 ($300) these activities will be realized. This will continue during all holidays to keep our children busy and avoid them being enticed by negative things since most of them are now teenagers. We also have land that we have tilled already but we don’t have seeds to plant, the cost of variety of seeds is 15,000($150). Partner with us in fulfilling these desires.


It has been our prayer that one of these days we will meet our targeted budget. We have operated way below our budget the last couple of months. Last month our monthly donation decreased to a point we had to take up a loan to ensure basic needs were met. We believe that things will begin getting better as we come to the end of the year. I urge all of you not to grow weary in your donation, rest assured your donations go into the wellbeing of our children. Every coin is spent to ensure the ministry fulfills its mandate. Integrity and uprightness is our governing values and we are not only accountable to you but also to God.

We still have a couple of children who are in need of a sponsor. In our Facebook page we have highlighted them and you can be or share with someone who is willing to become a sponsor. My plea to all of you is that in a situation you
have to discontinue your monthly support please give us a prior notice so that we can be prepared, any donations goes along way and has been allocated to meeting specific recurrent needs.


This was our last term of the year and it meant to the children that they get to be promoted to the next class. They have worked hard and smart and brought home good results. This year we had one primary school candidate, Peter Kariuki (Miles) who sat for his national exam. He scored 380 marks out of 500 which will secure a national high school for him and he is very excited to have completed primary school level and can’t wait to join high school. This coming year we will have four candidates in primary school and three candidates in high school. We pray they pass well to join high school and universities. We noted Lucy, Chris, Steve, Naomi and Susan have difficulties in their studies but we are engaging teachers to ensure they improve in their academics. In the month of September we wrote on Facebook about Harrison’s dorm burning down and destroying the student’s belongings and you gave in abundance and we were able to buy stuff for Harrison and took quite a donation for other students who couldn’t afford to buy. We say thank you to all who gave may you giving bring blessings upon your lives.

We are committed to seeing these little ones succeed but as they say in Africa a child is raised by a village, Please keep on giving and bring others on board so that we can ensure these children have a better future. We will continue to do our best with everything you entrust us with and ensure it used in the right way.

God bless you and your family and may you obtain favor with Him and Man.


Joseph Ndungu Mutiga.

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