Haven May Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven May Update

The latest news from Haven…

Hallo Friends and Family

We salute you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, may peace and joy be multiplied to you all. It has been quite a long time since we had a written progress report of our ministry. Many things have happened from the wake of corona virus pandemic up to now, many people have lost their loved ones, some have been infected and recovered, and some have been laid off from work, businesses have been affected and things are no longer as they used to be. It has been our prayer that things will normalize so that we can continue with our daily activities.

We understand that this crisis is all over the world and it has taken a great sacrifice for you to continue supporting our ministry. We can never repay you but we commit to be diligent in our spending and ensure every coin given is used for the needs of the ministry. Your giving goes along way not only for our family but also for families that we find need help in terms of food due to the shutdown of the country. This season calls for us to become our neighbor’s keepers and reach out when possible to ensure we all make it at the end of the pandemic.

Our government closed down schools and our children came home earlier than expected. With the hope that this pandemic may not hit or even spread in the country, we thought they will be back in school at the beginning of May since that is when second term of the schools was expected to begin. With time it became clear that we may not be going back anytime sooner and this informed our fundraising to purchase laptops so that the children may access online classes especially those who were to do their final year exams in both primary and secondary schools. We are so much overwhelmed with the kind of love and care that was demonstrated to us through your giving to meet the need. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and for your much needed help.

The children can now join other children online to continue with their studies thanks to you. They are so happy and you have become their so much needed answer to their prayer. Their lives are a living testimony of your continued support and sacrifice. We are eternally grateful and in our hearts we value and appreciate you. Sometimes it has been hard for us to ask for help when we know and understand the time and the season we are in. Our prayer is that may we operate in the seasons of heaven where there is continual provision in and out of our physical seasons.

We have kept a daily mention of you in our prayers asking God to protect, provide and preserve you, your families, business and Jobs during and after this crisis. We are so glad that we have not received any news of any of you being infected and we pray this will continue to be so for you and your families.

To say we have not had our share of challenges will be misleading. Since the schools closed we have had quite some challenges given that we have a number of children in their teenage hood. We have kept frequent talks and discussion with them to ensure their issues are aired and get to express their frustrations. Being restricted in one place has not been helpful and we have had outbursts of both the staff and the children, it is by the grace of God that everything is still intact. Currently we have 47 people in the home this is including the staff and their children.

If there is a time that has tested our patience and resilience is during this few months of isolation. Being a ministry that takes care of children and under the government oversight we have had to observe with such diligence all the restriction and guidelines given by the Health department. During this season it has become crystal clear why we need to have our own premise, built according to the needs of the ministry. Severally, we have been asked how are we are able to keep the teenagers from messing up in terms of sexual activities in such a small house where they sleep and live. You and I know it is not easy to have children or in this case teenagers and keep them in line, our answer has always been…It is by the grace God and indeed it is. This is just but one scenario of what could go terribly wrong if measures are not taken to curb this mess. By ourselves this is quite a difficult task but with your collective help and input we can achieve it with ease.

We believe it is time we start forging our way forward in terms of having our own place with the aim of meeting this need. We are aware that other needs will arise along the way and still need your input but our call to you today is for you to believe with us and become our ambassadors out there, those we have met, you know our hearts and those we haven’t there are results to show where we would love to go. I kindly beseech you to become our mouth piece and speak on our behalf out there and when time comes we will look back and celebrate our achievements together.

Haven family is not a man’s vision but God given vision and I know He in his own wisdom will bring the resources needed to reach our goal.

We are grateful and always careful to give thanks for every good deed. We know we are not perfect but we do our best to ensure what we set out to do is being realized.

Thank you, stay safe and stay blessed.

Kind regards,

Haven Family