Haven June Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven June Update

Hallo Family and Friends,

I salute you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that God has kept you in good health and His peace continues to guard your heart and mind. Receive our greetings as haven family. We believe that all is well and pray that the joy of the Lord abounds within you always.

In the second month of this year we received a child from the children’s protection centre and admitted him in our home. He was to stay for only a few days and be taken back to his grandmother. The
father lost his wife and married another again, the new wife has been mistreating the child – the boy had bruises all over his body- so the neighbors reported the issue to the police and the boy was rescued. Efforts to find the grandmother have not bore any fruits and he had to stay with us until further communication. We enrolled him in school this term (baby class, he is about 3yrs and half).

Our children have gone back to school and they have catch up with their studies very well. Frenzyle, Mary and Hannah will be sitting for their final exams in their primary level, please pray that they will perform well to join national school next year. National schools are the best schools in the country and it is every parents dream that they qualify and get admitted. These schools calls for a lot of sacrifices in terms of prayers and resources I thought to share this early before they join high school. Next year we will have mercy and Beatrice sit for the same exam.

Our land lord is almost finishing building an extension house in our compound and this means more rent money. She wants us to make a new house lease and also increase the rent when she is done building. Our prayer is that we get our own land and build our own house before she is done building. We believe God for this need, it will call for all of us to commit ourselves in prayers and any other support that can be rendered. I ask all of you to come on board on this need and sharevthis need with family and friends. (God has already given us everything thatvpertains to this life all we need to do is ask where, who, what and when) -
When you pray ask God where should you go, who should you speak to, what should you say and when is right to do all this.

We also have recurring needs and one time needs. Last month I shared a need of insurance and inspection fee and we thank everyone who gave towards this need, we are so grateful. The insurance has been paid for, inspection was done-we are required to fit the van with speed governor in the next inspection.

This month we need clothes for the children. We have received donations in the past…around two years ago…and most of them are faded and worn. It has become very difficult to find a Sunday best for them. To buy a wardrobe for one child it will cost $20-30 per child. When you are in a position to give remember this need.

Our children continue to attend skating classes though we had to choose a few who were doing well because the shoes were not enough for them. We took 10 children to be attending the classes. They are doing very well.

We are also looking forward to having our visitors from HopeGraftedIn in late July, Ross and Claire in mid August and hope to spend time with them, fellowship and have fun. We pray for a safe trip to Kenya to all those who will be coming.

To all those who gave either their time in prayers, talking to friends about us and resources, may the lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way and may He supply all your needs according to His
riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

May you abound in Gods abundance in every area of your life!!

Hugs and kisses from Haven,

Joseph Mutiga

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