Ebenezer Upgrade Campaign—Update

By Rachel Dafforn


Ebenezer Upgrade Campaign—Update


With your help, we want to help Ebenezer make necessary upgrades for their facility to better care for the children under their care.

There are currently 47 children sleeping in 14 bunk beds. I am sure you can imagine all of the issues that arise with this!

The first step of this campaign is to renovate their garage into a children’s bedroom. Not only do they need to purchase more beds, they also will need sand, sheets, wood, paint, etc… in order to furnish this area of the building and allow space for all the children. The beds and bedding will not only be of help now, they will also be useful as Ebenezer shifts to new their new family units in the future.

This $1478 renovation will give each child their own bed! This will help keep each child healthy as they have their own personal sleeping space!

Watch this video of George sharing his desire for the garage reno!

UPDATE FROM OUR OCTOBER 2015 TRIP: The new dorm has been completed. After talking with an engineer they found that renovating the garage wasn’t best. Instead they took an old broken down chicken coop on the land and renovated it to make a boys dorm! AFRICAN INGENUITY AT IT’S BEST. Here are some pictures of the new dorm…

The second step of this campaign is to secure land for Ebenezer to build their future Children’s Ministry on. They desire to have their children in family homes with houseparents.

The new Family Unit Land costs $6000. It is located 100 meters down the lane from where Ebenezer Ministry currently rents. There are 1.5 acres of land available with the opportunity for more land to be purchased if needed.

Check out this video of Sylvia sharing about their desire for this specific plot of land…

.And here is a video of Sylvia showing and describing the size of the land God has called them to…

Pics of the new land with a few Ebenezer kids…

On our trip in October 2015 we were able to pray on the land and hear George’s vision for how it will be used.

To give to this campaign please choose “Ebenezer Upgrade Campaign” in the menu when you give. Thank you!