Ebenezer September Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer September Update

The latest news from Ebenezer…

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Children’s Home.

We will never get tired of thanking the Almighty God for the Divine protection, provision and gift of life as all of our children are healthy and doing well in this trying time of this epidemic with schools closed and the whole country in a lock down. We continually thank our sponsors for the continued support you render to the children’s wellbeing and the ministry at large.

On a sad note, the Ebenezer children’s ministry lost a social worker in the names of Agnes (RIP). We do thank God for her life in this planet and we thank her for the tireless efforts to the children’s home we therefore ask God to grant her the best in her next life. Her death was untimely. She left a 10-days child, with the other two boys Joshua 3 and 7 months and Kaleb 2 years.

Despite the closure of schools, we have continued with fellowship and bible study with our children as our core program, we also sometimes conduct lessons with our children and provide learning materials, we do sports with the children in games like football, cards and do interact with the children so as to know how they are doing.

Rescue Our God remains to be the father to the fatherless. In this month, we have been able to rescue a 4-day baby boy Laamu , whose mother passed during birth. We have endeavored to take care of this baby as one of our caretakers has taken up responsibility for him of mothering. We are still deeply grateful to all our sponsors who have continually contributed to the children’s needs. He does need a sponsor if any of you would be interested.

Food Relief Through your support, we have continually been able to go out to some of our school sponsored children with food and other utilities like soap, sugar. The donations have continued to benefit the two jajas(elders). Thank you to all sponsors who have continued sending support to our children and the elders during this time of pandemic.

Fish Farming

We have managed to purchase five thousand(5,000) new fingering of tilapia and stocked these fingerings in the new fish pond at the dam which we were blessed with by the government. We hope this shall boost our income and some costs like rent shall easily be met. On a sad note the fish in our pond at the school were poisoned and we lost many. We have increased security to avoid losing more.
Farming.We came up with vegetable plantation near the fishpond at the school, we thank God for our plantations have grown, the tomatoes and the egg plants have grown. We hope these will be a source of income to meet other needs and also boost the children’s nutrition. Poultry keeping. Our birds that is turkeys are doing you , we truly thank you for your continued support as with your support we have managed to purchase feeds for our turkeys, medications. We hope these will boost the nutrition of our children.
Pastors UpdateOn the 23rd of August, we made our 10th marriage anniversary and I want to thank every person who sent us the anniversary wishes and above all I want to thank God for our wonderful family and the gift of life. This whole month of August has been challenging, after the burial ceremony of social worker my pressure kept rising all the time. This has slowed down my work . I do request for your prayers of healing. Current financial Needs;
  • Boarding fees for the students in candidate classes. Who are Muhammed K, Glida, Shanate, Fred O, Ambrose and Peter M . The total for the six students is $1166.6. The Ministry of education has officially opened the Candidate classes which include primary seven. Senior four and senior six.
  • Thermometer gun at the children’s home, school and church. To meet the stand and operating procedures for the ministry of health on prevention of Covid 19. It is important to have the thermometer gun which will help to measure temperature for the kids, staff and church members so as to know the infected persons and isolate them. Because of the big population we shall need two(2) thermometers guns estimated at ugx 1,200,000=333.1 dollars for the two.
  • House hire where Pr .George and family stay , the landlord expects his payments by the end of September. The total fee is $1200.
  • Strong hand washing tanks at different points at school, children’s home and church as a preventive measure to Covid 19. This will cost 208.3 dollars.
  • Sound equipment for the church, looking at the size of the church and following the number of the planned activities, the current sound system is not enough, we hope empowering the Ebenezer Christian center by equipping it with better equipment , thus making it easier to, hold open air crusades and conferences. To have two full range speakers 1,600,000= 432 dollars and amp mixture costing 1,000,000= 270dollars jazban estimated at 2,500,000= 676 dollars
  • Procuring a solar powered television for Ebenezer children. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, schools in the country are still shut down and lessons moved online. We have realized that virtual learning is necessary to contain the spread of the virus, therefore we must make a concerted effort to ensure online learning accommodates the needs of all students. We therefore need to acquire a solar powered television so as to access teachings on televisions. This will Cost: $1000 to have the solar panels and one television and the decoder for the learners.
Prayer Requests
  • Join us in prayer for God’s provision in our Current planned programs.
  • Ebenezer sponsorship program
  • School cost sharing sponsorship program
  • Construction of the family units as children’s home.
  • Construction of the children’s playground


The Ebenezer children’s ministry, children, elders and I send our sincere gratitude to you all for the love, prayers, continued support, words of encouragement from everyone of you. We do take the pleasure to appreciate our beloved sponsors, partners and friends for the continued support. We send you prayers always and ask Almighty God to continue blessing you.

With Love

Pr. George Kooli