Ebenezer October Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer October Update

The latest update from Ebenezer…

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

We are so excited once again to share with you the Ebenezer Children’s Ministry updates.

God has been so faithful to our children in such a time. All our children are doing well, we are so grateful to Hope Grafted in and all the friends for prayers and support.


We thank God who has kept our children well, except there has been a few of our children who have been sick and complaining of headache and stomach ache. We took them for medication at Kibuku HCIV and where there has been no medicine, we have been in able to buy from the pharmacy.

Charity one of the girls who was tested for CD4 count was seen progressing well.

Care and support.

Through continuous giving, we have taken care of baby Laaum and he is doing well. He received his polio vaccination for the second time and we are blessed to do what the lord has called us to do.

I was able to follow up with late Agnes (our former social worker) kids with some support of infant formula and milk and I am happy to report they are doing well.


The Ebenezer Children’s Ministry primary School was among the schools in the country that was licensed to operate during the Covid 19. The opening of the candidate classes in the country called for school to open while following the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

These SOPs included the Strong washing hand facilities, the sick bay, Covid19 information on the school compound. Two temperature guns. Enough space for learners, masks for every student.

Boarding students

We appreciate the school sponsorship by our partner for our children they are stable and studying.


We thank god for the opening of the church during this Covid 19. We are now able encourage and strengthen ourselves and have really seen the joy and the goodness of the lord.


Both the fish and poultry keeping activates are doing well, by February 2021 the fish shall be ready. We are excited to have this as additional nutrition for our children and income to the project.

Pastors update

Thank you for the Love and yours prayers, my health is getting better; I was able to purchase a Blood pressure machine that helps me to get daily pressure records.

Current financial Needs

  • Christmas party, it has always been joy to celebrate Christmas with all our children and this has been possible because of your support. We once again look forward to sharing and celebrating this year’s Christmas with 200 kids which calls for about $650 dollars to enable us have enough food, drinks, have entertainment on that day.
  • Completion of the girls dormitory which is remaining roofing and shuttering, this will enable us have enough space for the learners who board with us. To have this done will cost $3124 dollars
  • Brush cutter (lawn mower), for cutting the grass in our compound at some height, years ago our children have done the slashing but it is hard work for them. This is estimated at $550 dollars

Prayer Requests In our Current planned programs.

  • Ebenezer sponsorship program
  • School cost sharing sponsorship program
  • Construction of the family units as children’s home

Thank you again for loving us and standing with us.In Christ.

Pr. George Kooli