Ebenezer June Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer June Update


The month June report has highlights on the Praises/achievements, challenges and current needs as to strengthen the program interventions of the ministry

Ebenezer Home

It’s that time of the year again that as a ministry (in this month of June) ,we got launched in kibuku district years back in June,2012. This particular season is a time to celebrate, reflect and appreciate how far we have come. But as with everything this year it feels a bit different.

For the last eight years, we have seen the children parented in a loving home and groomed in a God-fearing manner. babies grow, rehabilitated , their immunity boosted, children’s rights being advocated for, Access to quality education and get better medical care.

I stand in awe of your generosity, spirit and the way so many of you have stepped up to support with the basic needs.

Some of the Ebenezer children’s posing for a photo

Food Relief

Through your support, we have been able to go out to some of our school sponsored children with food and other utilities like soap, sugar.

Besides the school sponsored children, the donations have continued to benefit the two jajas(elders) that we hope during this Covid 19 period will be of great help.

Thank you to all sponsors who have continued sending support to our children.


Pastors Update

Thank you for steering us all in the right direction, for the eight years you have shown us with a way forward that is paved with kindness, love and determination to make a better world for all.

I am humbled to walk along side you in this journey .

My family is doing well and thanks to all of you who sent their prayers, support and words of Encouragement when Sylvia lost her grandmother.

Selling of the fish

During the month of May and June, we have continued to do the door to door fish selling and also encouraged some fish dealers to pick some at the pond. Besides the Covid 19 restrictions, this has been done with great care.

50 percent of our sales have been directed to the completion of our school office that has been incomplete for the last 20 months. This office is of purpose as it is to ensure the safety of the school this achieved.

Next Month out of the savings we shall be able to get the fingerings for the next production.

Thank you to all friends who have stood with us in the fish farming project.

New office

On another hand, our kids have had the fish during their meals and does not only boost the children’s immunity but also reduce on the expenditure of food (purchased)

Man Up and Go Authentic masculinity program

The man up and go authentic masculinity program, continued to have the classes with respect to the programs planned besides the Covid 19 outbreak where the government had a lockdown and many restrictions came in place.

Our study center was still maintained and we had to meet men in groups of 5 per lesson

We are glad to share that the Bulangira cohort 20 of the participants on the 12th June 2020 received their Loan and have started work.

Current financial Needs
Ebenezer children’s ministry primary school is challenged with inadequate power, the solar panels are slightly weak and determined by weather to have the light. Besides that,the properties that were acquired by the school are at threat due to failure of adequate light that can enable the guard to adequately monitor so as to avoid theft. Other gadgets need to have adequate light that can run the machines and be utilized.

• Electricity Connectivity Project to school and church.

The electricity connectivity project to church will reduce on the costs of fueling the generators that is done every Sunday and whenever we converge for prayers (like mid services). The total cost to have this is 1261 dollars. We have raised $940 so far toward this.

• Thermometer gun for the children’s home, school and church. This need arose due to the outbreak of Covid 19 and the purpose of the machine is to help measure temperature for the kids, staff and church members so as to know the infected persons and isolate them.Because of the big population we shall need two(2) thermometers guns estimated at ugx1,200,000=333.1 dollars for the two.

• The Ebenezer children’s home annual rent was due end of April; it will all cost us $1400

• Strong hand washing tanks at different points at school, children’s home and church as a preventive measure to Covid 19. This will cost 208.3 dollars.

• Sound equipment for the church, looking at the size of the church and following the number of the planned activities, the current sound system is not enough, we hope empowering the Ebenezer Christian center by equipping it with better equipment , thus making it easier to, hold open air crusades and conferences. To have two full range speakers 1,600,000= 432 dollars and amp mixture costing 1,000,000= 270dollars jazban estimated at 2,500,000= 676 dollars

• Prayer Requests

• Join us in prayer for God’s provision in our Current planned programs.

• Ebenezer sponsorship program

• School cost sharing sponsorship program

• Construction of the family units as children’s home.

• Construction of the children’s playground

In conclusion therefore, Ebenezer Children’s Ministry and I are truly grateful for the Love, prayers, support and encouragement from every one of you. We take the pleasure to appreciate our beloved sponsors, partners and friends for your continued support.

In Christ our Lord

Pr. George Kooli