Ebenezer January Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer January Update

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for joining with use in doing the work of God.

We are so excited to have an opportunity to once again share with you our news letter. God has been so good and faithful to our children and they have started the year well.

Ebenezer Children.

Most of our school going children is in school and we are so grateful to God for His provision, out of the monthly wire sent we purchased some of the school requirements to enable them stay in class. Except those joining high school who are expected to begin by 10th February the rest are in school.

Commissioning of the primary seven results.

The long a waited primary seven results were released in January 2020, and all our learners who sat for 2019 national exams passed to high school. We give God the Glory for the academic excellence and with the help of God we commissioned our results with a party as we praised Him for the wisdom. Thank you friends for your prayers and financial support,all our school sponsored children excelled to high school.

Construction at School

The construction of a two roomed structure which will act as offices for the head teacher and bursar is on going to the level of roofing, and very soon they will complete and privacy for these administrators will be created and besides, we shall be rest assured of safety of the office documents and text books.

Fish farming project.

The fish project is doing well, we thank you for the hand extended towards the feeding of the fish. we were able to reduce the water so that we can see the actual size for planning purposes .

Prayer Requests

• Ebenezer sponsorship program

• School cost sharing sponsorship program

• Construction of the family units as children’s home.

• Construction of the children’s playground

Current financial Needs

• The Ebenezer children’s home annual rent is due at the end of April; it will all cost us $1400 annual donation.

Medical care, $140 monthly (monthly the ministry needs about $80 to handle emerging health needs and as a ministry we have hired a Nurse to help with our children and this will cost $60 monthly)

• Need of new bedsheets for some children $208.30 one time donation

Sound equipment for the church $722.20 one time donation, increase to our current sound system because of growing church

• New uniforms for the Ebenezer kids, the ones we purchased in 2018 are now worn out.Each at 30,000 x 58 =1,740,000= 483 dollars one time donation

Electricity Connectivity Project to School and church $861 one time donation. The electricity connectivity project to church will reduce on the costs of fueling the generators that is done every Sunday and whenever we converge for prayers (like mid week services.The electricity connectivity project at church and school. Connection to school is estimated at 2,000,000= 555.5.dollars this will cover all the costs of wiring all the classes and dormitories. Connection to church is estimated at 1,100,000, 305.5 dollar, this will cover all the costs of wiring. This totals to 3,100,000 ugs (861dollars)

Thank you: With gratitude;

Pr. George Kooli

You may give to any of Ebenezer’s Current Needs below