Ebenezer Family Home Updates

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer Family Home Updates

The Ebenezer Family Homes have finally begun! This is a vision that has been 5 years in the making. George and Sylvia have always wanted the children in their care to receive family love and support. They believe that the best thing for orphaned and vulnerable children that can not be reunited with their biological families is to be fostered in loving christian family homes.

We are excited to announce that the work has begun! The first $7000 to complete Phase 1 (foundation construction) is being used now in Uganda! The funds for Phase 2 (wall construction) are ready to go as soon as the construction team is ready to move on to it. We are currently raising for Phase 3 (casting the slab)! Will you help us spread the word and stay ahead of the Ugandan building team with our funding?! This ensures the work there isn’t ruined by weather or vandals. Thank you!

Donate a tax deductible gift to the Family Home Construction!

& Enjoy watching the progress on their youtube channel!