Ebenezer Fall Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer Fall Update


Welcome to Ebenezer children’s Ministry progress report. We glorify God for the great work is doing and who has enabled us to continue in partnership.

Thank you so much for all the support, be blessed as you read through this report.


Ebenezer Children’s Ministry (Ebenezer) is non-government, non- profit and non-political organization established in Kibuku district of Uganda, to execute its core objective of promoting care giving and ensuring protection of the orphans and disadvantaged children through identification, adopting, nurturing and parenting the HIV infected and affected children.

Over the years, the Ministry has registered a record performance of ensuring that the disadvantaged children and babies enjoy a life just like any other and above all, human
rights and parenthood.

In that respect therefore, it is evident that the Ministry has contributed to improved wellbeing of vulnerable children and babies through care and support, Health, education, spiritual grooming and livelihood.

Pastor George’s remarks

I am glad to submit a report on the progress of Ebenezer Children’s Home. We give back glory to God who has enabled us to pass through these tough economic times.

We also extend a vote of gratitude to our partners, friends and well-wishers. A special applaud also to Hope grafted In for continued support and perseverance, I note that the ministry has greatly leveraged from your support. I am delighted to note that the ministry has enjoyed steady progress courtesy of friend’s partners and well-wishers despite of a few challenges experienced.

However on a sad note, Kibuku district was rated as one leading in mosquito infection and its consequential death. The daily monitor, a Ugandan national paper, was quoted reporting that Kibuku district leads in malaria infection and death, a risk which left the entire children’s ministry in panic.

On behalf of the Board, entire governance team and family of Ebenezer, I take this opportunity to extend appreciation to our partners, friends and well-wishers for their continued spiritual inspiration, moral and financial support. I also extend appreciation to Kibuku district Local Government leadership and my fellow Pastors in and around Kibuku for their
continued support and encouragement.

I am glad to let you know that the pastors of kibuku elected me as there district overseer and by the Grace of God we will be commissioned in March 2023

Children’s Home

With support from Friends Partners, and Well-wishers, the Ministry again was able to support the children’s home with minimum basics as spelt out in our mission.

However, as you may beware, food and commodity prices have been increasing due to the inflation surge. The country is undergoing a state of open inflation and yet sources of income have remained static, thus resulting into rationing of basics in the children’s home.

Health Care

The health of orphans and needy was seen to be improving in the recent months as a result of improved nutrition , however, due to weather changes which resulted from too much down pour, there was much bleeding of mosquitoes within and around the district specifically at the children’s ministry.

The combination of too much rainfall and crop farming yielded a bleeding ground for mosquitoes.

I would like to report that during the month of October alone, 11 children tested positive and suffered from malaria. We thank God that this condition was managed by the ministry

School program

I would like to report that the Ebenezer School prepared 8 primary seven candidates to sit for their final primary leaving examination on the 8th and 9th of November 2022. Our children including Patricia, Bruhan, Peter, Joshua, Jovia, Brenda, Bethel and Mawazi sat their final primary leaving examination, we attribute the school progress to the financial and in-kind support received from friends, partners and well-wishers.

On another note the school organized the graduation ceremony for the Top Class and we are very thankful to all the support we receive. We had our son Innocent Clement Omoding as one of the graduates.


Farming is also another core activity that has enabled the ministry pass through such harsh economic times, farming greatly contributed to cost effectiveness, despite the increase in commodity prices, there was a noticeable reduction in the budget for vegetables. The ministry has been and is currently harvesting vegetables for consumption. There is also fish in the fishing pond which will be ready for harvest next month. The vegetable and fish helps in enhancing the deity of the children within the ministry.

Church program.

With the new pastors leadership where I am the overseer of all the 200 churches in kibuku by the grace of God, we have continued with the great commission as response to the great assignment. Beside our church has continued with it’s program.


The ministry is currently in need of the following supplies:

  • Medication It is within our prayer and request from friends partners and well-wishers that we stock our sick bay on monthly basis attracting a cost of USD 100. (Monthly)
  • Food Hungry stomach is hungry mind, because we can’t operate without food, the ministry ended up contracting a supplier and we have a debt with him therefore we place our request before friends, partners and well-wishers to support us in order to meet the debt of food of Ebenezer home and school, we are behind with 700 dollars .
  • Christmas Party for Our Children. Every year, it has been a pleasure to have a Christmas party with all our kids, this Christmas celebration with our kids does not only focus spending on foods but always reminding the kids about very great Gift of our lord Jesus Christ, who reconciled us with the father, without A SAVIOR no one else on the earth would reconcile us with father. All these has been possible with your support and prayers. We estimate $800 dollars to enable us have enough food, drinks, have entertainment on that day for all Ebenezer home kids and also Ebenezer school sponsorship kids
  • School Fees For 2023 With help of friends, Partners and well-wishers, the ministry has continued to support High school students over the last several years in their boarding fees and tuition. The tuition of 3000 dollars for high school continuing students will be need by December to allow better reporting to school early next year, NOTE we have 8 new high students that will also need to be planned for before next year. The total fees will be 1000 dollars for New students that will be joining high school. New high school boarding fees is now 4000 dollars per term

Thank once gain for accepting to serve with us .we love you.

In Christ,

Pr. George Kooli

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