Ebenezer April Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer April Update

Dear ebenezer childrens’ Ministry friends , Partner, Sponors and supporters.

I hope this message finds you well.These are such unprecedented times!

I thought you might appreciate some good news and update on the impact of your support.

Ebenezer Children.

32 Days Of Ressettlement.

With COVID 19 gripping the world . We know that life is changing in dramatic and unprecedented ways for everyone. Amidst all this uncertainty, one thing we know is the virus will has had a negtative impact on the welbeing of our children and the community agriculturally, economically, spiritually and to a larger extent academically.

Fellowing the government directives on the COVID 19 prevention, we had to take off some ebenezer children to there relatives as a measure of creating space.

We did this with the help of district officials . We therefore extend our gratitude to every one who stood with us in Settling ebenezer Children.

we reccieved food for our children as a complement to their famlies during the 32 days of lockdown and we want to say thank you

Health Of Our Children.

We have fellowed up with phone calls and so far our children are well except we have a challenge with HIV AIDS, where the government has not put clear access to the health Center for ARV refill. However we plan to access the drugs using a motocycle to ensure that our kids don’t miss.

Community Outreach Thank for the extra support towards these two ladies , I just image without your support what could these jajas feed on. Though the corona virus has a big impact on the supply chain, God is faith that He always provides for to the widows

Pastors Update During this challenging time, I thank God for you , thank for the words of encouragment, resources and hope. Thank you to those who sent special prayers to Sylvia she has reccovered and doing well. I want to thank God for His grate Love ,And more so, I want to appriecate each and everyone who exended a hand towards the feeding program of our children . We have continued to check on church members using the phone calls , on Sunday I was able to visit with two families with the word of encouragement.

financial Needs

  • As we plan to reopen there is need for more WASHING SOAP (as prevention for Corona virus) to wash our hands every time and enough new water tanks places at Ebenezer home and school and church. this will cost 300,000= (83.3 dollars)
  • The Ebenezer children’s home annual rent is due at the end month of April; it will all cost us $1400.
  • There has been changes in our schools however our Boarding fees for term two, will be required and cost 3000 dollars ( this covers high school students) will commence early May .
  • Completion of the six stanzas school latrine which is under construction .( 635 dollars to complete it ) Construction of the school latrine to improve on the hygiene and sanitation. This will cost 635 dollars .
  • Sound equipment for the church, looking at size of the church and following the number of the planned activities, the current sound system is not enough, we hope empowering the Ebenezer Christian center by equipping it with better equipment, thus making it easier to, hold open air crusades and conferences. To have two full range speakers 1,600,000= 444 dollars and amp mixture cost 1,000,000= 277.7dollars jaz band estimated 2,600,000= 722.2 dollars.
  • New uniforms for the home kids, the ones we purchased in 2018 are now worn out. Each at 30,000 x 58 =1,740,000= 483.3 dollars.