Ebenezer 2023 Financial Goals

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer is hoping for these things in 2023…

* Increase of vegetable planting, this means purchase of more seeds and pesticides- $200.

* Plan to hire 5 acres land for farming- $700

* Purchase of sizable water tanks—$1550

* Purchase of scholastic materials, school requirements for the orphans and the needy- $400 per term

* Purchase of a motorcycle for use in areas which are out of reach by a car- $1800

* Purchase of school photocopying and printing machines $1400

* Construction of simple staff quarters which will accommodate 3 staff and help to reduce rental expenses- $2000

* Medication for the orphans and needy- $100 monthly

* New mosquito nets- $675

* Purchase of 40 bibles for 40 students, both English and Luganda- $432

* Maintenance and gasoline of the car- $1300

Pastor George

If you are able to donate to one of these needs, you can below! Thank you!