Ebenezer 2022 Year End Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer 2022 Year End Update

Ebenezer Children’s Ministry (Ebenezer) is non-government, non- profit and non-political organization established in Kibuku district of Uganda, to execute its core objective of promoting care giving and ensuring protection of the orphans and disadvantaged children through identification, adopting, nurturing and parenting the HIV infected and affected children. Over the years, the Ministry has registered a record performance of ensuring that the disadvantaged children and babies enjoy a life just like any other and above all, human rights and parenthood.

In that respect therefore, it is evident that the Ministry has contributed to improved wellbeing of vulnerable children and babies through care and support, Health, education, spiritual grooming and livelihood.

Pastor’s Remark

The year 2022 started off with a lot of momentum At Ebenezer Children’s Ministry, We were motivated to catalyze and propel the strategy which we had built over time. The initial focus was on our core program areas to include; Health, education and livelihood and ensuring spiritual grooming of students, the needy and orphans. However, after a short while, the country suffered inflation and its related consequences impacting on the plans and energies of the Ministry’s Administration. It all started with a directive from the state, to carry out COVID 19 test to all truck drivers entering the country with supplies. This was followed by slowed down supply of goods and consequently a rise in fuel prices. Events continued unfolding when the Ukrainian war set in, hence sending Uganda to the grip with unprecedented realities.

I would like to note however, that as we submit this report, we have been living and continue to live in an economy with skyrocketing prices of basics (double digit inflation) coupled with devastating multi-layered, health and social impacts in the home. Despite of such many challenges faced, Ebenezer children’s Ministry, was fortified by the end of the year 2022 considering the undeniable positive results.

The Ministry is privileged for having witnessed an election which saw the Director, Pastor Kooli Golomba George elected as the Over Seer of 280 churches in and around Kibuku. “I now serve in the capacity of a bishop”. We hosted guests from Hope Grafted In and Man and Up and other friends, which served as a blessing to the Ministry, we give glory to God.

On behalf of the Board, entire governance team and family of Ebenezer, I take this opportunity to extend appreciation to our partners, friends and well-wishers for their continued spiritual inspiration, moral and financial support. I also extend appreciation to my fellow pastors in and around Kibuku for their continued prayers, support and encouragement.

Children’s home: I would like to report that courtesy of support from Friends Partners, and Well-wishers, we were in position to support with minimum basics as per our strategic work plan, the country suffered double digit inflation which saw the prices of basics rise up. Despite of such inflation surge, the ministry was able to provide the required basics in a rationing manner, It is important to note that this was carefully and skillfully achieved through frugal, rationing and prioritizing. And all the children under our care were able to attend school and were healthy

Health care: I am glad to note the considerable improvement in the health of our children, there was a visible improvement in the health of the children, this is attributed to the on going nutritious program, and the administration of the Ministry provided diet and nutritious foods to include; vegetables, greens and occasionally beef . The Ministry also secured some first aid from hope grafted in and other visiting friends like This is Hope. Care takers were under instructions to ensure that there is physical education, games and sports to enhance fitness to the children. On a sad note however, we painfully report the loss of one of our own Reagen. Reagen had suffered from cancer for long, but succumbed to death in August of 2022. May His Soul Continue to rest in eternity.

School program:

I would like to report that Ebenezer children’s ministry prepared 8 primary 7 candidates to sit for their final primary leaving examination on the 6 th and 7 th of November 2022. Our children including Patricia, Bruhan, Peter, Joshua, Jovia, Brenda, Bethel and Mawazi attended their final primary leaving examination, we attribute the school progress to the financial and in-kind support received from friends, partners and well-wishers. However, education being part of our Key Program Area, there is need for increased funding in education to match increases in prices of basic commodities.


Farming was another core activity that enhanced the ministry livelihood, given economic hardship, farming led to reduction in the cost of expenditure on basic commodities particularly food and vegetables, despite the increase in commodity prices, there was a noticeable reduction in the budget for vegetables. The ministry harvested fish last month from the fishing pond which was used for consumption. The Combination of Eggs, vegetable and fish boosted the nutrition of the children and have since been so useful in enhancing the diet of the children at the Ministry.

Achievements for the Year:

  • With the help of HGI, the ministry secured some furniture, 40 chairs and 14 tables were bought for the children there by easing their learning.
  • I would like to note that Primary seven national exams was successful. We recognize the fact that the Uganda National Examination Board has not yet released the out results of the exam, but were successfully conducted.
  • We were also able to organize a speech day courtesy our partners friends and well wishers.
  • We also organized a Christmas party for the orphans and needy. This also attracted hundreds of children around.


  • rising prices of basic commodity and scholastic materials. The inflation had negative impact on scholastics too, since school fees and tuition were constant and yet prices fluctuated.
  • The Death that robbed us of one of our own Reagan.
  • The collapse of the girl’s dormitory due to heavy rains and storm

Strategies and work plan for 2023:

The success of Ebenezer children’s Ministry is entirely dependent on our courteous Partners Friends donors and well-wishers, I would like to report that without our dear Partners, Friends, donors and well-wishers, things would be probably different. On that note therefore I hereby present to you our financial request for the year 2023. Also note that some activities most especially in farming have been included for future cost cutting and sustainability.

We plan to roll out the following activities;

a) Farming Strategies:

  • Increase of vegetable planting, this means purchase of more seeds and pesticides estimated to cost USD 200.
  • Plan to hire 5 acres land for farming, this will reduce the costs of buying food direct from the market. This will attract a cost of 400 dollars for the land for a year. And 300 dollars for seeds, planting which totals to 700 dollars.
  • Purchase of sizable water tanks to harvest water for watering crops (Farming purposes), domestic consumption estimated to cost USD 1550 dollars.

b) School strategies:

  • Purchase of scholastic materials, school requirements for the orphans and the needy, it is estimated to cost USD 400 termly.
  • Purchase of a motorcycle for use in areas which are out of reach by a car, in the course of looking for orphans and needy, estimated to cost USD 1800.(one time purchase)
  • Purchase of school photocopying and printing machines. This will in long run help in reducing the costs of photocopying and printing of tests and exams, make the school work ease. And provide more confidential purposes to the school and Ebenezer home since vital information will be handled at school Estimated at 1400 dollars.
  • Construction of Simple staff quarters which will accommodate 3 staff, the staff quarters will help to reduce rental expenses. It is estimated to cost USD 2000.
  • Graduation Party for top class estimated to cost USD 300

C) Medication strategies:

  • Enhance medication for the orphans and needy estimated to cost USD 100 monthly
  • Procure new mosquito nets to replace the old ones so that we can prevent malaria outbreak. Cost estimated at 675 dollars

d) Spiritual grooming strategy:

  • Purchase of 40 bibles for 40 students, both English and Luganda, estimated to cost USD 432

e) Home strategy:

  • Tour for children in the home, estimated to cost USD 1700
  • Christmas party estimated for both the community and Ebenezer children that will bring together 1000 children to fellowship on that one day. This will attract 2700 dollars.
  • Maintenance and gasoline of the car, this helps the director to do daily supervisions, it also helps in time of emergency {when a child is sick} This will attract a cost of 1300 dollars

f) Church programs

  • Spiritually, we plan to conduct 5 conferences the followers and 2 with the leaders .The aim of these conferences will be to equip and empower believers in the word if God encourage the saints in their duties, increase their faith and devotion and raise the voice of warning. Every conference will attract a cost of 300 dollars this will bring a total to 1500 dollars.


Pray with us to raise $18,000 that we are able to construct a permanent home in kibuku. For the last 10 years we have been renting and every year that passes by the rent Fees increases. Instead of paying more 2000 dollars for next year we ask you kindly to pray and stand with us to raise the required amount. Over the past few years we have been saving little by little and doing work on a future home for our family. We have purchased land and had some early building needs done on it. To complete the home we need $18,000. We plan to have an extra bed room to accommodate two other guests whenever they come by, we have also considered our extended Ebenezer family, where some kids may need special attention and care so they are required to live with us.

In Christ, PR. George Kooli

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