Children Need A Sponsor

By Hope Grafted In


Children Need A Sponsor

The most precious gift you can give an orphan is the gift of sponsorship and relationship with your family. Commit to pray for the child you choose. Commit to write, send gifts to your child, and possibly visit them. The relationship that you build will instill in them the gifts of love, trust, and hope.

These are words we wrote as we first began our child sponsorship program and today we mean them more than ever. Over the past two years we have had the privilege of not only meeting, but really knowing each child. They are precious children who feel all the same things you do: joy, hope, fear, anger, love.

Today we are in need of 24 child sponsors. Will you help bring a Christian relationship to one of these?Your monthly sponsorship gives the WHOLE gospel. It will bring nutrition, schooling, a loving home, and medical needs. AND through a relationship with you, a child will know the truth of life with Jesus.

Sponsor already? You know what it means to your child and to you. Reach out and share that passion with others so they can be a part of something bigger than themselves. We were blessed to watch God use one of our sponsor families this year to speak up LOUD. They were committed to telling others and as a result EVERY child at Ebenezer Children’s Ministry has relationship with a follower of Christ.

That sponsor, just an ordinary man allowing God to do the extraordinary through him, shares these thoughts:

“Once we start developing a passion for Christ’s glory to be seen around the world, we need to figure out what role we are called to play. Make no mistake, every Christian is called to be involved in spreading the gospel around the world! No one is off the hook. No one is called to a life that is separate from global missions” (Francis Chan – Multiply).

“Sponsorship has become dear to our family. Not only do we financially support a little girl in Uganda, write her letters, send her Christmas gifts and love her from afar . . . but we are investing in her future. A future that we see as bright, full of life, and blessed with eternal promises from God. Reaching the world is a large task, but we know that through sponsoring a child . . . we have a role to play in God’s global purpose. Sponsorship changes how you view your life, your priorities and the impact you can have on one child . . . across the world. My wife and I have had the privilege of meeting our sponsored child last year, and through God’s grace and blessing our own children are going to get to meet her this year. We are so thankful for ministries like Hope Grafted In that allow us to be part of God’s plan and love for orphans.”

Start with sharing this post and asking about the 24 children who need a sponsor and then ask God what HE wants next.

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