Haven of Hope New Land & Home

By Hope Grafted In


Haven of Hope New Land & Home

A message from Joseph…

The land we live in was divided into half and one of the half sold. The new owner who unfortunately the main house stands on his half has demanded to increase rent to 80,000 shillings which is unrealistic given the size of the house.We were given a week notice but we have since negotiated and given two months(April and May) upon which the rent will increase to the said amount and the rent to be paid quarterly. This is a huge amount which after sitting down and discussing on the issue and doing some calculation we realized we will have spent so much money at the end. This is our fourth house since we started Haven and felt it is time for us to get our own place. I am kindly asking you please as a friend to us and haven Children to kindly help us get Haven a permanent home.

We have identified land in the outskirts of Nakuru town that will cost 12,000,000($120,000) which looks like a lot but with God on our side, I believe we can raise the money. Give Haven a permanent home campaign.

We have faced giants before and this is just one of them we are about to conquer. Please share this information with anyone you know will help us by giving or fundraising.


If you would like to donate to Haven’s new land and home, you can do that here!