Haven March Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven March Update

In our last few updates, we spoke of increasing sponsorship fees. We have decided that instead of increasing the fee that each sponsor pays, we want to raise funds needed for our budget through our greenhouse projects.

Having 1 working greenhouse makes the cost of production high and reduces our profit. If we add additional greenhouses, the production remains the same but we can bring greater harvests and profits. We have created a business proposal for the addition of 5 greenhouses. We are praying for God’s provision to build these in 2017.

Greenhouse Proposal

Looking for a house has been very time consuming for us and has brought a lot of disappointments. Anytime we would find something that may work and they found out we wanted to use it for a children’s home, they doubled the rent. We decided it is in the best interest of the children that we stay where we are for now. Anne and I are going to move into the 2nd home on the property with our family so that we can personally cover some of the increased rental cost. Please be praying for this transition that it can be a good one for the children and the staff. And that we as a family can also balance our family time with time with our Haven family.