Haven February Update

By Hope Grafted In


Haven February Update

From time to time, we are made aware of individuals sending messages to contacts and friends of Hope Grafted In, claiming to have information about ministries. They may seek funds directly, or claim to have information or represent ministries. These communications are not authorized and should be brought to our attention immediately. If you are solicited or contacted and something does not seem right, do not reply to these messages, but contact Shelley Brown at

I believe and pray that all is well with you and your family. It is an honor to have you all on board this year as we experience what God has in store for us. We appreciate all of you for putting a smile on our children faces for it takes a smile to make a dark day bright. With your continued prayers and support the days ahead look brighter and better for haven family as you form the core pillars of this ministry. Together, you on our team and Jesus on our team we will reach our objectives as we fulfill HIS purposes in our lives.

Accomplishments—Praise God!

Last update we mentioned a few things that we believe when accomplished will have taken us to another level. A few needs have been met…..Our three girls are in high school now and their first term fees are fully paid. The smile on these girls brought a sense of accomplishment in us. We have come a long way and this day of them going to high school was frightening, a lot of uncertainty but as they say we took one day at a time and here we are not frightened but full of joy and happiness.

We also moved our children to a new school (Victonell Academy) and from what they say the school is great and they

enjoy being in school. A few things have not been done yet and it has been a bother for the children especially the school uniform since they are the only one with a different uniform in school. Another need is school fees; we need to pay at least half the school fees so that our children can continue to enjoy what the school has to offer. I urge all of us to come

Current Needs

School Uniforms for new school

February is the month that we will be moving to our new house though we haven’t come to an agreement with the potential landlords that we have identified so far but we hope to wrap it up as soon as we can so that we can settle sooner.

Our country has experienced drought which has resulted in insufficient supply of food stuff and an increase in food prices. We are praying for rain to help curb this situation.

This is also our year of election we ask of you that you pray for Kenya to have peaceful election.

Finally please pray for the staff at haven for God to continue ministering to them and meeting their needs.

We pray that your month will be full of success and you will enjoy the fruit of all your giving. Have a blessed month full of joy and happiness.

Kind Regards,