Ebenezer November Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer November Update

The latest news from Ebenezer…


This monthly report has highlights on the achievements, challenges and recommendation so as to strengthen the program interventions of the ministry

Ebenezer is non-government organization that is non- profit and non-political S organization based in Kibuku district, Uganda with the mission of giving care and protection to the orphans and disadvantaged children through identification, adopting, nurturing and parenting the HIV infected and affected children.

Ebenezer has core area of supporting children through an orphanage that provides spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs of 72 orphans and vulnerable children among other supporting programs like school cost sharing sponsorship program, shallow fishing project, authentic masculine program.

Children’s Home (Orphanage)

The children home takes Care and support of orphans and vulnerable children and so far we have 72 that are taken care of from different location of Pallisa, Kibuku and Budaka.

This month the children have been supported with feeding, scholastic materials and health care that included the mass immunization that was organized by Government against measles, sleeping under treated mosquito Nets and have enough time to play so as to build their socialization skills. Our little George had a broken arm, but he is healing well.

The challenges realized during the month was inadequate space for the children and this calls for consideration to planning the construction of the planned home during the course of next year.

Due to inadequate space; the children share beds amidst the availability of beds and this is risky that it can cause transmission of diseases among the children hence a need for adequate space through moving forward to have the home in place.

Ebenezer Children Ministry Primary School

A total of 52 children did a national examination of which 7 are under cost sharing sponsorship program and Next year based on their previous performance; these pupils shall be joining high school. However; under the school program, challenges faced include the following number of sponsored children viz vie the non-sponsored amidst the desire and need by others caused demotivation among pupils. It’s a challenge faced mostly to girls whose Parents fail to meet other needs like menstrual sanitary Pads among others.

Inadequate latrine facility and that is already full and due to heavy rains, which are on; it sinked. There is need to have another one of six stanzas and empty the existing one so as to serve the children and others

Uganda National Primary Leaving Examination:

Ebenezer Children’s Ministry Nursery and Primary School also in this month had the primary seven candidates examined by the National Examining Body in their final exams. This was a successful exercise that saw all the pupils write their papers very well and after which the school administration handed over the children to their parents and guardians. Finally, this success has been a reality due to the endless efforts and zeal of our team composed of staff, board members, sponsors, parents and guardians. We remain indebted and thankful to their efforts in ensuring that Ebenezer children’s ministry work happens in a more efficient, accountable and transparent manner.


Two thousand cat fish species was purchased for rearing and so far there is growth as a result of providing nutritious food. The fish farming has also been used a learning object for pupils at school and this was integrated with vegetable farming. The water which is emptied is used for irrigation of the tomatoes and eggplant garden which are doing well due to fertilizer that is embedded in the water.

Man Up and Go discipleship classes

Ebenezer Christian Centre as a study Centre for authentic masculinity program, continues to have the classes with respect to the programs planned. These have still been maintained in the study Centres of Bulangira having 20 participants and other 10 participants taking lessons at Ebenezer Christian Centre with all totaling up to 30 participants. In this month, the study topics have left them with a message of; firm foundation in any under taking, parental discipline in a family management which leaves legacy that gives the children a good learning ground to start life worth living.

Pastors update

2019 has been an uphill year and indeed a blessing one which had a lot of reflection and learnings. With your prayers and support we have ably managed to meet the planned indicators in respect to Orphanage home we provided our kids with basic needs more so the nutritious feeding , School cost sharing sponsorship program ,Shallow fish farming Authentic masculine program I appeal to friends, brothers and sister in Christ to double their efforts in serving the Lord, remembering our labor is not in vain.

Current financial Needs

  • The nutrition/supplementary proteins has been very beneficial towards increased memorization, disease prevention and general health growth of children. It would be very important to continue with it. This covers 300dollars each month
  • Boarding fees, by January our students will be starting school, it is our prayer therefore that their tuition is considered and our boarding fees for the continuing students is $1800 for all of them per term.
  • Christmas party, the celebration of Christmas with our kids does not only focus on making of parties and spending on foods but always reminding the kids about that We needed A SAVIOR and without A SAVIOR no one else on the earth would reconcile us with father. All these has been possible with your support and prayers. We estimate $650 dollars to enable us have enough food, drinks, have entertainment on that day.
  • Electricity Connectivity Project to School and church, Ebenezer ministry primary school is challenged with inadequate power, the solar panels are slightly weak and determined by weather to have the light. Besides that the properties that were acquired by the school are at threat due to failure of adequate light that can enable the guard to adequately monitor so as to void theft. Other gadgets need to have adequate light that can run the machines and be utilized. In Uganda we have the hydro electrical power generated by water and this serves better because its strong to light up the school looking at its compound and classrooms. The light can help the pupils and teachers to have an evening preps that can in the long run improve on the pupil’s performances. The electricity connectivity project to church will reduce on the costs of fueling the generators that is done every Sunday and whenever we converge for prayers (like mid services) Our appeal is to seek for the said power so as to improve on the service delivery electricity connectivity project at church and school connection to school is estimated at 2,000,000= 540.5 dollars this will cover all the costs of wiring all the classes and dormitories. Connection to church is estimated at 1,100,000, this will cover all the costs of wiring.
  • Sound equipment for the church, looking at size of the church and following the number of the planned activities, the current sounds system is not enough, we hope empowering the Ebenezer Christian center by equipping it with better equipment, thus making it easier to, hold open air crusades and conferences. To have two full range speakers 1,600,000= 432 dollars and amp mixture cost 1,000,000= 270dollars jazban estimated 2,500,000= 676 dollars.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in prayer for God’s provision in our Current planned programs.
  • Ebenezer sponsorship program
  • School cost sharing sponsorship program
  • Construction of the family units as children’s home.
  • Construction of the children’s playground


On behalf of Ebenezer Children’s Ministry and my own behalf I take the pleasure to appreciate our beloved sponsors, partners and friends for your continued support towards all Ebenezer Children’s ministry programs.

Wish you all a thanksgiving season,

Pr. George Kooli


If you would like to sponsor a child at Ebenezer, please contact us to start the conversation!