Ebenezer May Update

By Hope Grafted In


Ebenezer May Update

We are so excited once again to share with you the Ebenezer Children’s Ministry updates.

Children’s Home

God has been so faithful to our children and they are all doing well. We have done fellow up with some children who are still with their gurdians and they are well. We are deeply grateful for all our sponsors who contributed towards our children in this challenging time.

Learning Of Our Students;

During the lockdown due to covid 19, the Education services like any other services has been negatively affected and the learning system has changed during this time .

The Ugandan government in this season is adopting the E-learning system.

Lessions are being conducted on televevison (TVs) and radios where most of our children have not had access to.

We have ended up procuring dairly news papares for our kids at home to study. Thanks to Hope Graftred In for the monlthy wire which has enabledus to provide our learners with these materials.

Church Updates

Through home cells fellowships, we have continued to share the word of God and encourage one another on specific days , we glorify God that non-believers have joined these homes cells for prayers.

On other hand Ebenezer Christian Center church organized a giveaway items on the Mother’s Day as a church, this was seen as preaching the Gospel of Love.

Construction Of Offices.

We have continued with the construction of the offices at the entry of the school , we plan that all visitors and parents to the school shall be seen at the offices to prevent mingling with our learners as it has been before,in so doing we hope this will be a preventive messure to Covid 19 besidesensuring the safety of the school property

.Pastors Update

To all our sponsors, partners and friends of Ebenezer, what we need right now is compassion and I want to appreciate all of you for the support towards Ebenezer Children’s ministry in this period. This is not a time to move away from kindness and caring, even if we are overwhelmed as we try to project what will happen in the near future. “It’s important to try to find ways to remain open to compassion, even when we’re in these challenging times where every one’s income is affected.

My family Is well and everyone is enjoying Time with daddy, mammy and children.

Current financial Needs

• Procuring Of electricity and a television for Ebenezer children

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, schools around the world are scrambling to shut down campuses and move courses online. Now that a mass shift to virtual learning is necessary to contain the spread of the virus, we must make a concerted effort to ensure online learning accommodates the needs of all students. In Uganda teachings are being done mainly on televisions.

This will Cost: $1281 to have the electricity and one television and the decoder for the learners. We have raised $400 so far.

• Strong Washing tanks at different points at the Ebenezer Home, school and church as preventive measure and policy due to Covid-19. We need to have these to ensure proper hand washing and prevent spread. This will cost $208.3

• The Ebenezer children’s home annual rent was due at the end of April; it will all cost us $1400. it is a onetime payment annually.

• Completion of the six stanzas school latrine which is under construction ( $635 to complete it ) of the school latrine to improve on the hygiene and sanitation.

Prayer Requests

In our Current planned programs.

• Ebenezer sponsorship program

• School cost sharing sponsorship program

Thank you:

With Love.